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BEWARE: Due To Cooler Temperatures, House Mice May Come Sooner! :)

Our house is fairly old….about 100 years old! It's got cracks and tiny holes in various places, so that a tiny daddy mouse can move his family in easily, almost every fall, as it gets colder. However, this year, we have an early visitor!

Since this problem has arisen every year, and we've lived here for several years now, we have grown accustomed to ridding of these creatures quickly!

The first year it happened, we eeked and screeched like every woman and most men do, in reponse to these tiny beings. Renee, being the animal lover that she is, didnt want to kill the poor things. I, finding her ridiculous, was staring at her in disbelief, and awaited her brilliant, humane plan!

First we tried those mouse whisperers…. You plug them in the wall and they quietly tell the mouse to stay away! They have to get close to the device to hear what it is saying, so they are still in the house somewhere…..they have just moved away from the device!! STUPID!

Next, we moved on to the live trap, which was even dumber than the whisperer! Renee refuses to rid of any mouse that is caught….dead or alive…and only agrees to set the trap! Well I don't want to touch it either…especially a live one! Of course, we caught one in that live trap, and when I happened to be home alone!

Finally, when I couldn't stand to hear the mouse banging around any longer, I decided I would have to take action. I went to the garage and found some oversized work gloves, and made sure I had clothing with tight sleeves and pant bottoms, in case the thing tried to get in my skivvies!! I picked the trap up, shivering and running out doors as quickly as I could! The next problem was figuring out how to open the door of the trap and let him out, without letting him get on me!

I threw it in the yard, hoping it would open on its own……It didnt!

I then kicked it with my man boots, hoping the pressure would break the plastic….It worked! :)… The mouse ran free!… Right back into a tiny crack in the bricks of my house!!!! I assured Renee that this would NEVER happen again! THE MICE WILL NOW HAVE TO DIE!

She considered poison, which I immediately said no to….. I wasn't standing for dead rotting rodent carcasses in my walls. Then there was the idea of the glue… Who came up with these dumb ideas anyway! I was not listening to tiny mice cry as they die of starvation, when a bread crumb is probably inches from their mouths! BARBARIC.

So, it had to be the wood traps. Cheap….dependable….and they do the deed quickly! The next problem was deciding who would rid of the bodies! EEEWWWW!…… I had to do it every time…….that is before I signed the adoption papers for my kids!! 🙂

We had a process. We put on gloves, put two bags together, reach in, with the bag inside out, grabbed the wood trap/mouse, pulled it through the bag and tied it up! I started making each of us take turns, because I shouldn't have to do it EVERY TIME!!! A few times I would have the kids hold the trash can, while I used the suction of the vacuum to get a good hold on the wood trap. Then I would hover over the trash, and turn the vacuum off….and the mouse and trap would drop! Simple!

Sometimes I had to really use magic to get the kids to do it….like tell them I'd sign something extra off in their boys scouts book or something! But one day…something happened that surprised me!…

My youngest daughter, who was about 3 at the time, was home alone with me. She always checked under the sink every day to see if we had caught one. This day, she said….”It's dead mama. It's my turn”! I had never made her do it before…she was too little….wasn't she? I should have stopped her, but I was too amazed! I watched as she double bagged, got down on her knees, and tended to the mouse like a pro!

Naturally, my first thought was the same as ALL mothers would have had in this situation! Why didn't I make her start doing this earlier…it would have prolonged my turn!!! 🙂

Well, either this current mouse made it through winter, or came to stay early, but the kids saw the first one of the season the other day. Renee saw it too, refusing to go back in that area to turn off lights or anything, scared it was still there…..Im pretty sure her screaming scared it off!

I cant imagine why it would want to live here anyway…I mean the kids keep their play area so clean!

I was starting to think it was dumb that we were so scared of these things…we are giants in comparison. However, this morning I went downstairs to do a workout video…the same place where the sighting was. I wasn't scared, but every noise I heard made me think it was a family of mice….I guess maybe I was scared! I lasted 5 minutes, through the stretches, before gathering my belongings and heading back upstairs….quickly!

I was sure it wouldn't get me there! 🙂

STATUS: safe again!




4 thoughts on “BEWARE: Due To Cooler Temperatures, House Mice May Come Sooner! :)

  1. I laughed when I read about the mouse whisperer…..who in the right mind thought that up and what kind of warning sound does it release….is it like some high pitch sound like some “stop barking” mechanisms produce or does it speak in some foreign mouse language that no one human can detect?? crazy!!

  2. I have nightmares about mice in which they mock me. It really is ridiculous to be scared of those tiny beasts, but the first time I saw one in my house in the city, I literally jumped on top the coffee table just like a girl.

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