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Why Can’t You Put It In The Bins I Bought For You….LITTLE SWEETIES?!!

After finding multiple sources that coud lead to an early mouse arrival (partial candy under beds, food left in basement, rotting fruit peels, food partially open and thrown all over in the cabinets, and sticky floors in various places from unknown origins)….. this Mama went on a crazy cleaning spree.

By cleaning spree, I mean I went to each of the kids rooms, and found everything that they've shoved under their beds, in their closets, into bins, and hidden in bags or under their sheets. I nicely placed all of these items on their beds, and told them I needed to vacuum! I then notified them that we would be doing nothing until their rooms were cleaned.

I also picked up all the items behind my couches, end tables, dining room table, and laundry area. I placed all these items on the table for them to select their items…and put them way. When I get in this mode, we don't stop til its done!!

I do this every now and again, so they aren't really surprised! They just look at me and begrudgingly say okay, while thinking “this sucks” and “I wish you weren't my mother”! But life goes on!

I got eye rolls from my oldest daughter, my sons constantly reminded me that “this is where it goes”, though I continue to tell them that the floor is not a shelf, and my youngest daughter will do nothing without constant coaxing!

Today my youngest was trying to argue with me(her favorite thing), and suddenly stopped herself! She literally said “No. I'm not going to argue with you anymore mama. You’re right! I only argued in the first grade, but I'm a second grader”!


I have screamed “Chloe” so many times tonight, to find her location, that I'm almost hoarse!

I had to redirect her a million times to clean her bird cage, and finally when I saw her cleaning it, she was using a toothbrush that wasn't familiar!? I asked where she got it, and she said out of the boys bathroom! She told me she always stores this tooth brush in the drawer with the boys toothbrushes…..

I got a good chuckle as both boys came running to see if it was theirs!!!

It's amazing what I get back after cleaning under their beds… Cups, plates, forks, missing socks, one of my good scarves that they were using to tie the door shut so their siblings can't enter…

The only real downside of this quick cleaning spree, is that I have to endure all of the bickering! It's always someone else's stuff in their room….they never made this mess! So, because they are mad about having to clean, they never politely put the items in one another's room, they throw it like a softball into the room…..sometimes at the person in the room. This leads to yelling and chasing… and leads me to turn the vacuum back on:)!

Now, as I sit on my couch writing, feeling happy that my living space is clean….if only for a moment….

I am listening to a final fist fight before bedtime, between my two daughters.

Oh the beautiful, stress free sounds of door slamming, punching, screaming, jumping, crying, and the gentle sound of pounding on the door, in response to getting locked out….

I guess its about time for a glass of wine and a blood pressure pill!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Why Can’t You Put It In The Bins I Bought For You….LITTLE SWEETIES?!!

    • Every time I know how it’s going to end, but still… blood pressure gets high enough that I feel like my brain will explode out of my head!!!

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