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STRANGER DANGER: When Will Kids Learn?


While I lectured them…..they continued to lick on their lollipops!

I was FURIOUS! I have spent hours lecturing them about stranger danger! I even give them exact scenarios!! I quiz them on what to do if a police officer comes to the door. I ask them if they would ever look on the inside of an ice cream truck, if the driver said they could. I ask them if they should give their address to anyone, who claims to be a modeling or singing scout.

After reminding them that they don't have any of these talents, I tell them “NOOOOO”! “You shouldn't”!

Everyone of those Dateline shows brings me to panic and tears! Watching those children make poor decisions, simply makes a parent sick!…..But with each new episode, my children get yet another lecture, and quiz on what to do or not to do.

They have had police officers come to their schools, to tell them of dangers, and lecture them even more! They watch those stupid teeny bopper shows that teach these lessons every other week!!! Just what does it take!

Here's how it happened….

I let them have a little more freedom this time, on our camping trip, because they are reaching that age. I allowed for them to use the restroom on their own (always having to take a buddy), and let all 4 of them ride their bikes to the playground together, with the deal that they all stay together the whole time!!

I was playing corn hole, and enjoying conversation with the adults, when they all pull up on their bikes with these lollipops! Naturally, I said “Where did you get those”?

“From the guy down there by the playground”.

With a little alarm in my voice I say “What GUY”?!!!!

“I don't know! Just this guy”.

Now I'm escalating! “You took candy from a stranger”!

Their heads went immediately down, but the suckers were still in their mouths!

I asked them what would have made them do that. I reminded them that I had spent countless hours teaching them to never take candy from strangers. “What were you thinking”!

“It was okay mama, he had a little boy with him”………

“WHAT DOES THAT MEAN”!! My vision was skewing!

“Plus mama, he was VERY nice”.

I seriously thought my head would spin off! This was a nightmare!

They got a serious tongue lashing from me, as I reminded them that these weirdos are always nice, until they get you to their house. Why would they be mean to you…. You wouldn't go with them that way!

Yet they continued to eat those stupid suckers….

I should have taken them in hindsight, but I thought I could shame them into putting them down on their own. However, they didn't even stop eating them when I said “What if they're poisoned”?

Again, they told me he was too nice for that!

After I told Renee what happened, she became livid as well. She then told them to all line up for their second tongue lashing! My youngest daughter said “Oh no, is this about that guy that gave us candy again!!!!! SERIOUSLY??!

Needless to say, they got their advanced privileges taken away until a later date. We obviously have some more speeches in order, and I probably should still induce vomiting!

But really, it just goes to show, that even if you are psychotically teaching them about dangers, they will still not make the safe decisions that you think they would.

…..Then again, maybe it's just MY children. Maybe if I was less dramatic about everything else, they would believe me on this one.

Has anyone else had similar scenarios….. OR is it really just me?


16 thoughts on “STRANGER DANGER: When Will Kids Learn?

  1. Ohhhh wow…..what’s your phone number I will give them a lashing from a total stranger!! hahahaha….. I had to continually give the “stranger danger” lecture to my middle child, she’s miss social bee and always thinks nothing will happen to her and that i am overreacting!! really?? She was one foot out the door her senior year ready to move to Texas with a guy who she met through Skype (hate that site), I knew something was fishy when she would talk about this guy who she claimed was an uncle of a friend of hers, that was a lie……she also told me the guy was 18 when in fact he was 24!!! …… I finally did some digging and called the SOB, yep I called him……and gave him the riot act, I asked him what his problem was and why did he have to scope out a 17 year old girl in california wasn’t there women HIS AGE in HIS town he could harass and lie to??….. After some major talking to with my daughter she saw him for who he was. THEN when she ended things, he called her over and over and over….and called me …..he even went as far as telling her he drank a bottle of bleach and if he dies it’s her fault.

    • People are lunatics! Good for you for going that far with it! I’m pretty sure I would too…. If only I could locate that guy at the campground! :). My youngest daughter is the worst about it! I was searching everywhere for her at the beach one time and found her way down the way, sitting in a strange mans blanket and letting his dog!!! I was horrified! How will they ever make it to adulthood… Thanks for your story…. It gives me something to look forward to 🙂

    • It is a funny story to laugh at because they are safe, but anything could have happened I guess! They make me loony sometimes! On this same trip, my mom told me that she used to encourage us to take candy from strangers as a kid because we were poor and needed candy. But she followed it up by saying that she always told us to run as fast as we can after getting the candy in our hands! I think she was kidding :)….but she may be on to something! Thanks for reading!

  2. Word Vomit Momma says:

    Oh no!!! That is crazy! I would have been down at the playground chewing that dude out. I would NEVER offer a kid anything unless I knew it was ok with their parents. Definitely sounds like a creeper!

    • By the time I got done with my hour long tirade….he was long gone I’m sure! What these poor children have to endure….what with my lengthy speeches and all 🙂

  3. I get how you feel. But from past experience I always get hot under the collar about this. Strangers are rarely a danger. I did a post once you may have read it if you haven’t you might check it out. Most dangers are closer to home.
    As for your kids, I love them, especially as they enjoyed the candy so much regardless of your ranting! You are definitely up against it.
    Don’t get me wrong I do of course agree that children should be wary of strangers, but I think we have the balance wrong.

    • I know what you’re saying….I believe there are just as many crazy people now as “back then”! It’s just that its the simplest of stranger danger rules that hey broke! Everyone knows not to take candy from strangers…..except for Halloween, and Easter, and Christmas, and when hitting a festive piñata!! :)… I think it just shocked me more than anything…. I for urge thought that they would say “no thank you kind sir”! LOL….I CAN DREAM RIGHT?

  4. Knowing that your children are safe, my question is: what flavour lollipops were those? Must have been really good for them to keep on at them, even while their asses were being chewed! 🙂

  5. I’m glad your kids were ok. My kid tends to think people who aren’t so nice are nice too. He gets ad at me for overreacting by suggesting that the kid who sells drugs and has been arrested twice might not be trustworthy.

    You can lead a horse to water and all that…

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