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Not very long ago, while perusing the toy store with the kids I noted edible, pickle flavored band aids for sale. How bizarre? My sister, who was with us, giggled, asking who would want to eat their own bandaid? She obviously doesn't have kids, because I've probably witnessed my kids do worse than that! The only thing that advertisers need to do, is mention that its flavored!

These flavored band aids made me think of ALOT of other things, that I myself have eaten, just because I could. They didnt have flavored band aids when I was a kid, so I can't say I've tried one. In highschool however, when I was destitute poor, I had a chance to eat a plain bandaid.

Anytime I could round up enough change in those days, I would always pitch in money for a Taco Bell run! This particular time that I ordered, I was starving!! A buddy of mine had picked it up and brought it to me….. I couldnt wait til she got there! I had ordered 3 hard shelled tacos with hot sauce.

I swallowed the first taco down in about three bites, then moved onto the next…. When I opened that taco package, there was a bandaid in it. It was attached in a perfect circle…like it had just fallen off of the sweaty hand of the person touching my taco meat and cheese with his bare hands!

Honestly, I looked around to see if any of my friends had noticed! I was so hungry and poor…I couldn't let this little old bandaid bother me…I needed to eat it.

Unfortunately they had noticed. They laughed and fake gagged, and said “Ooooooooh” and “That's disgusting”! I had found myself at a crossroads in my life. This decision could be life altering, in terms of how it would effect my social status, in my delicate teenage years…


Not the bandaid, but the taco! I was the laughing stock…. but that's the decision I made!

In hindsight I shouldn't have eaten that taco….I ingested ALOT of bacteria and Ecoli that wasn't necessary…but in today's time, had the bandaid been flavored, I may not have looked so foolish!

I think that the pickle flavored band aids are a disgusting idea, but I can see how it would draw the kids in. I certainly remember trying alot of things that were advertised as flavored when I was a kid. I was even drawn into that craze of eating the wrappers off of the Cinnaburst gum, when the gum company said you could. Of course the paper wrapper was just wadded into the gum you were chewing, making it NOT gum at all…..but it was flavored…..and you didn't even have to take the wrapper off. Grand idea!

Actually, now that I've thought more about it, maybe the flavored bandaid idea isn't so bad! When the bandaid has been a part of your child for a few weeks, and has almost become part of their skin…..AND when the child won't let you rip the bandaid off in a fast fashion, to provide less pain… can just have them LICK the bandaid off!!!! Everyone is happy this way!




  1. Personally, I think favored band aids are a crazy idea. What was the whole idea behind that? It couldn’t he healthy to eat a band aid after it has been on a wound, plus what the band aid is made out of anyway…

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