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Good Friends….And A Glass Of Wine

Sometimes lack of sleep mixed with raw emotion leads to catastrophic events….at least for me πŸ™‚

I often don't like to be left alone with my thoughts, especially if I'm highly emotional, because it leads to me to wallowing in my own self pity….which annoys even my own self!

This week, I have been highly emotional. I've been dealing with Patty’s metastasis news, in addition to crying through cross country meets, and through the ending of Despicable me 2!! I was a hot mess!

Luckily, when I'm feeling down, things usually fall into place, to boost my spirits and take my mind off my emotions….if only for a minute! (And I'm not talking about laundry or mowing :))

This week, another good friend from highschool graced me with her presence! We drank wine out by the fire pit until 1:30 in the morning!…..We were really rock stars! We talked about love, life, children, business, and then as two or three bottles went down the hatch…we talked about the meaning of life, how we contribute to it, and just how great we are! We celebrated our successes by opening a nice bottle of port….which we desperately needed :). I busted out these tiny thimble sized chocolate cups that I had bought during my last wine tasting tour! We were high class to say the least.

Come to find out, It was hard to pour wine out of a giant bottle and into a tiny chocolate piece, when it was pitch black outside! Needless to say, my sweatshirt is ruined, mostly because I was eating the chocolate cup before dinking the wine, but we got a good giggle, and a nicer hang over from the festivities! We attempted to take pictures in our stupor, and while they were horrible, it depicted the time we had together perfectly!! I enjoyed our night immensely…. I needed it.

The next day, I woke up feeling dehydrated to say the least. My friend left for her meeting, my kids left for school, and my wife went to work. My hair appointment was cancelled for the day, and my friend cancelled our scheduled breakfast. My dad was sending texts about Pattys scheduled tests, and about her moments of tears…and I was yet again left at home, with my own thoughts and feelings……I wasn't ready!

I tried my luck with a good buddy of mine, who is usually very busy….. She was available immediately! I was going to be able to delay my dramatic thought processes for a little longer!

We chose to skip lunch, and start a new wine trail instead. Drowning your sorrows in wine isn't exactly what the professionals call healthy, but I disagree. We shared a bottle of wine, and bought $12.50 cheese and fancy crackers to rinse our palates with. Money was of no object this day! I may have looked 100 years old and haggard, with dark circles under my eyes, but we were rich with wine, cheese, and friendship! To seal this deal, I made the wine pouring lady take our picture over and over like a photo shoot. I don't think she was nearly amused as we were, but……WE DIDNT CARE! πŸ™‚

We rolled our windows down and we sang Reba McIntyre and Dixie chicks songs, without a care in the world. We laughed and played all day…I needed this so much, and I appreciate the great friends I have.

As I said before, in the past, I have made a fool of myself, when I mix tiredness and emotions. I say idiotic things, I do things to extremes………even outside of my own embarrassing norms, and I've even had to be picked up by Renee after making poor decisions (none that have landed me in jail thankfully:))!

This time, I was relatively behaved!

I will eventually have to deal with my thoughts…and I will in my own time. For now though, I feel so lucky to be surrounded by people that understand me….people that I love!

STATUS: Feeling grateful for my friends:)

What are you feeling grateful for today???



9 thoughts on “Good Friends….And A Glass Of Wine

  1. I would love to be your friend on call, but with my crisis as norm type family, and all you are going through at the moment, we would be heading for AA or a liver transplant in no time. But we would have a ball “struggling” through and avoiding reality.

    • We would have fun! I feel like you would make me sign a document though that said your head would not be allowed in my photo shoots :)! I would just have my arms aroundmamtoro in all my pictures! No one would believe I had a real friend!!!…oh and don’t worry…I am eating liver enriching food during this time frame πŸ™‚

      • You are spot on. I am not a great one for photos even if they are not to appear on the internet. My buddies are mad for photos and drive me crazy posing and all repeating the same photo with different cameras. Anyway the craic we would have on a night out would live a long time in our memory, and it might actually be better not to have photographic evidence!

      • Let’s see, usually start with beer because our senses are intact and it’s the cheapest. Then we lose our senses and start wallowing in jack Daniels. Then shit really hits the fan and we start these little shots of clear liquid that come with a tobacco sauce bottle, which we then steal so it can be used on our 4am snack!

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