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It’s the LITTLE Things That Amuse Us :)

This is the kind of things that happen when my family hosts a baby shower! This is my mom and my sister along side me, and yes, those are our real knockers! We were so determined to get this right, that my mom had to change her shirt twice to get her “natural beauties” to show up at all! Renee was feeling uncomfortable taking the picture, but we would stop at nothing to get our desired result!…..Buxom bosoms!!!

I had been waiting for this shower for a long time, because the baby was born 3 weeks ago, and I still hadn't met her!!

That's right! 3 weeks ago. Our procrastinating family didnt get the shower done in time! Not because the baby was early either….she may have actually been a few days late! We knew the name of the baby, the gender of the baby, and when she was due! Pathetic….. but im going to blame this ALL on my nieces PARENTS, and take none of the blame myself! 🙂

Finally, the day had arrived, to meet little LILLIAN! We didn't really call it a shower at this point, but instead we called it a meet and greet!

I dressed up in my fancy clothes, because I knew this would be a fancy affair. I had on my fancy sildapia earrings and necklace…. but forewent the high heels, in case there were cow patties lying around, or a random rooster to run from! After all, we were still going to the farming country!! 🙂

I packed a small bag with ice and a couple of bottles of wine to put in my car….I felt this was essential! However, I didn't know if my mom was going to let us drink wine at the party, so I intended to keep it in the car and either fill a plastic cup and take it in with me…..or I was going to keep taking multiple trips out to the car to “check my phone”, if you know what I mean!:)

As we said hello to everyone…some people I knew and some I didn't, I looked around to see that these people were all like minded! They all had “real” glasses of wine…..including the mother of the new baby!!!

I felt like a fool! Why didn't I have more confidence and faith in my family? I should have just brought the wine in! My mom told me she didn't have any wine that I liked, so I spilled the beans and told her I had some hidden in the car!

“Happy with my response she gleefully said “WELL….GO GET IT”! So naturally, I sent Renee to get it, while I mingled around the party:)

After all the important things were in order, the party began! There was food and a cake, but no real plan on what to do.

No baby shower games??? What was this? We considered red rover again, but thought this may be overkill for a baby shower….Even we have standards…plus I was wearing a dress!!!

We poured more wine as we considered what we should do. We already knew everything about the baby!

So, we started naming the children in famous TV sitcoms? That seemed normal for a meet and greet…didnt it.? We had a blast…passing around the baby and chocolate glasses full of blackberry wine. It was only the father of the baby that seemed concerned, and thankfully he remained responsible.

The baby was beautiful, and the shower was a success… least in my humble opinion!

Its funny that even at a baby shower, I am able to learn so much about our family. Aside from the fact that we are complete lushes, I learned that some women in our family have no breasts, while others were blessed with them…….some women have high cleavage lines, and some have short ones, and some women have to contort their bodies to form lines at all :).


Does anyone know (without looking), the name of Laura Ingalls younger sister on Little house on the Prairie? It really had us stumped, but oh how the memories start flooding back when you find out the answers:)



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