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A LITTLE Sweat Won’t Hurt ANYONE!

This is the day I decided to go burn off the wine I drank solidly, for the last few days. Its the day I decided I would force myself to hydrate, so to flush out my liver, and rejuvenate my skin!……The day to burn off all my stressors from the morning, after sending my daughter to school without her hair and teeth UNbrushed, because she didnt want to listen, and after having a pow wow meeting with the school counselor, regarding my sons frequent trips to the office!!!!…..I decided that TODAY….a good spinning class was in order!!

I'm fairly new when it comes to the spinning class, only trying it out within the last year. I've always run, but when I was becoming bored with running, I decided to try it out. I wouldn't exactly say I loved it at first….actually, I hated it! My body wasn't used to this nonsense, and I would want to quit in the first 15 minutes…. though my determination would NEVER allow that. However, I was so delirious the first few times, that when the class was over, and you were able to get off your bike…..I think I still kept peddling on the ground….or maybe that's just how I felt. I would be winded, my legs always hurt for a few days, and my lady parts would bother me from sitting in the bike saddle too long!!!

In time, I was able to better myself. My lady parts must have started to callus, and my stamina was better. I could last the whole class without cheating, and nothing hurt too unbearably bad! I even got good enough that I was able to start critiquing the instructors. I would start saying things like “It was a good workout, but the other lady is tougher”! OR “I really didnt get that winded today”. When I admit to this stuff out loud, I can see that I am an idiot, when I talk sometimes 🙂

I haven't been to the gym all summer, because its hard to get there with the kids home all day, plus there are plenty of activities to do outside. I figured that since it was the first time I'd “spun” in months that I would be starting from scratch, but I surprised myself. The new spinning instructor at the gym beat my ass for sure, but I kept up!!

Sweat was pooling down my body and off of my chin…my hair was soaking wet, and there was a pool of sweat on the floor, at my feet, where all the sweat was landing. At one point, during the hour, I must have got a little delirious, because I was holding my left arm up in the air, while peddling for several minutes, before I realized she was only holding her arm up to get everyone's attention, and was not in fact doing a new move, and was not holding it up nearly as long as I was!!!….Needless to say, I wished I was in the back row!!

There is just something about getting a good calorie burn, with nasty smelly sweat dripping everywhere to prove it. In my opinion, the more sweat…the better! I FEEL GREAT!

Sweating is DEFINATELY good for the soul….if in the proper setting :).

Anybody else feeling great after a good heart racing sweat???





10 thoughts on “A LITTLE Sweat Won’t Hurt ANYONE!

    • I’m going to have to put water in my wine glass, so that my brain believes its wine, and so I won’t go through full DT’s!! I’ve held strong so far…but I won’t be able to last the night….surely 🙂

    • I’m sorry! Normally I’m not a show-ER of the ladies, but opportunities arise I guess 🙂 last year, I was feeling really burnt out on running! It was frustrating! I still made myself do it a couple days a week, but I needed something to break up the monotony! Basically, I’m a cycler now :))

    • I wish I did it more! Even if it burns, I feel so great after… I’ll cheers you a glass of wine to start up…before and after 🙂 thanks for reading!! 🙂

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