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You’re Only As Classy As The Ones You Surround Yourself With :)

I ate a prime rib sandwich for lunch today! It's not often….well never…that I get to say this. Mainly because, I'm not wealthy enough to eat this on a regular basis!

I got invited to celebrate my friends Birthday today, at a fine dining establishment downtown. Devour Downtown is going on right now in our city, which means you can eat at high dollar restaurants for discounted prices, though the menu is limited. Nonetheless, it gives poor people like me a chance to dine with the elite….even though the elite are not ordering off this menu πŸ™‚

I love to eat at these places, because I feel classy for just a minute! I can dress up a little and feel like a real lady! The only thing is, I don't necessarily know all the etiquette, and I wonder if people are staring!

Today, a few of us ordered shrimp cocktail. It was so fancy…The lemon was spiked on that fancy fork, and the shrimps were buried beneath the sauce!!! The question was…How do you eat these?……

I looked around the table, looking for a leader…..someone to show me what to do!! These shrimps were enormous! Certainly not the kind you get frozen at the grocery store. Sadly, I feel like everyone else at the table was looking for the same leadership…..I waited for the first brave one to take a bite, then I followed suite. She used her fingers instead of the tiny fork!….

These are probably the times where our class is knocked down a notch, though I'm still not certain we were wrong in our etiquette! We were just never taught how to use these tiny forks as kids…there was no need! If we did have one, we used it to teach our barbies how to eat…they're to tiny for anything else!

Anyway, I was glad for two major things! First that we were given black napkins instead of white ones, and second that we all had the same caliber of ettiqute :).

Before the main course, a group of us ladies went to the bathroom together to powder our noses….which means I was checking out the fancy facilities. I love to see fancy bathrooms!! Instead of paper towels, there were car drying cloths available…way softer! The seats of the toilets weren't cushioned and there was no bidet, but something about the ambiance in there was amazing. If I hadnt passed the waiter with my prime rib sandwich, on the way to the bathroom, I would have stayed in there longer.

The girls and I sipped on fancy “Rodney Strong” wine and au jus sauce, while talking about credit card fraud, identity theft, the end of times, and whether you pull the chicken of the bone with your fingers, or a fork, when dining at eating establishments. We giggled and told stories of our days of yore, while passing our friends/sisters new baby around for everyone to hold. This is when I really realized I was REALLY good with babies…BETTER than I already thought I was!!

Not many people can coo and entertain a baby, holding the sweetie in place with one hand…..and dominate a conversation, while sipping wine all at once! My talents are endless I guess!!

Before leaving, I had to embarrass us one more time. Really, it made no difference, because we were the only ones left in the whole place, most likely due to our grotesque eating of the shrimp, and our “joking around threats” of stealing some of those soft car wash napkins out of the bathroom. WE WOULD NEVER DO THAT BY THE WAY!

However, we did have to ask the waiter for Harry and Izzy bags to put our cupcakes in (that we didnt get from this establishment)….JUST to prove that we really had dined here. Who would believe us otherwise? To humiliate him a little more, I had him stand behind us with the camera, to take a picture of us walking out of the restaurant, with our FANCY “left overs” bags!

As usual, I was highly entertained by my luncheon, and the characters in this biography!

STATUS: Another GREAT day with GREAT friends πŸ™‚




2 thoughts on “You’re Only As Classy As The Ones You Surround Yourself With :)

    • You would have been amazed at the balance I had….any mother would have trusted me:)…. Plus the baby was really just laying in my lap, while I cradled her head. It looks like she’s way in the air though…I was a bit startled myself when I saw this pic!:)

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