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I don't know why I…and really most humans as a whole, find it so amusing to watch people devour things that are too hot….BUT it is HILARIOUS! We are actually laughing at people who are in pain and are suffering!

When I was a kid I remember my uncles or grandparents or dad, trying to get us to eat hot peppers. When they would finally lure us into doing it, they would laugh and sputter, enjoying watching the comedy before them….. paying the universe back for what most likely happened to them, in their own boyhood days. But I get it, it's funny!…AND none of us ever died from it… We were just idiots for doing it again!

The other day I was watching one of my favorite sitcoms, Rules of Engagement, when this sort of thing happened. The idiot of the show thought that the ethnic parents, of a friend, was telling him that he couldn't eat hot things, because he didnt grow up in the right culture! Offended, he immediately ordered the hottest level of Indian food he could! As always, the climax leading up to him taking the first bite was phenomenal. I was at the edge of my seat, already giggling to watch the fake look on his face! Naturally, it cut of his oxygen supply, and there were no words for how hilarious his facial expressions were! I got a good hearty laugh at the actors “fake painful” expense!

I also find it hilarious, when we mistakenly eat a hot pepper out of our comfort zone! We act so foolish! Running around in search of water, milk, salt, sugar….whatever our ancestors said would cure it! Then we inevitably touch our eyes, nose….or much worse! Peppers just make us do funny things!

For example, a friend of mine came over at the beginning of the summer for a cookout. I had bought some hot banana peppers, but everyone knows you can't know the level of hotness until you try them…the heat varies with each one. I just happened to get a hot one…. though I contained myself well. I told my friend to be careful, because those peppers were really hot. She said okay, but for whatever reason, she took the largest bite out of that pepper possible!!! I had only had a small sliver! Yowzers!!

She started fanning herself and I immediately started laughing! “WHY DID YOU DO THAT”? I asked her, still laughing and eating my bratwurst!!! Reliving this now, is making me laugh again!!

She doesn't find things as amusing as I do, especially when I'm laughing at her. She reminded me that it wasn't funny, so I had to turn my head to laugh…or claim to have to go get something. I tried to change the subject, but she kept bringing it up…squeezing the juice of a grape on her lip, and using all the above named remedies. All this did was make me laugh again! Finally, she said “If you can't get me some carmex right now, I'm going to have to go home”!

This made me laugh again! What was she going to do at home, except get laughed at less?!! I wish I hadn't laughed so much…she's such a nice girl, but sometimes if something gets me giggling, I can't stop!

While my friend was suffering her own self, I was telling her of the numerous times that I've paid to watch my own children eat these hot peppers. It's amazing what they won't do for a dollar! Obviously, they know the peppers are hot, because I'm paying them to eat them! Usually I say something like “You have to chew 4 times with your teeth and swallow it…to make it a full deal. They've played it enough times to know that I won't give in on the deal either! There's no 50 cents for almost doing it, or ANYTHING like that! One time my son spit it all out, after chewing more times than necessary…..maybe because his glottis was too swollen to swallow…I don't know, but he did not win the dollar! My friend just stared at me and said “Youre not a very nice mom”!

That made me laugh again!

This is the kind of nonsense that is done to the next generation…..every single generation. Some grown men still do it on dares! Why do we do it when we already know the result? Is it because we don't really think its that hot? Is it because we want others to laugh at our expense? Or is it simply because we need a dollar? I don't know….but every time I need a good laugh, I wish someone would just eat a hot pepper! 🙂

Who out there has a hilarious hot pepper story?!


3 thoughts on “I SAID THE PEPPER WAS HOT!!!

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  2. I don’t have a hot pepper story but I do remember my sister babysitting us. She called us in and asked my younger brother and I did we want some flake chocolate. I smelt a rat but my younger always hungry brother did not. He wolfed it down only to discover it was tea from a torn tea bag!

    • Lol! I wonder hat that tasted like…but not really! Lat year my son asked if he could have a bite of cocoa, and I said absolutely! I laughed so hard as he was spitting that out! He should have known when I said yes! Not all chocolate is good:)

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