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Celebrating My Fourth Fantastic, Frilly, Fun Loving, Family Award!

Recently I just got awarded the Family Award by one of my favorite bloggers Jolene, whose blog is called Valley Girl Gone Country….I would DEFINATELY consider her part of my WordPress family! If you haven't had a look at her blog, take a look…youll love it! Thank you Jolene 🙂

I love this award, because it says “family”! I have always been a natural lover of my own family…and friends I consider my family, but now I feel even more fortunate to have yet another family… blogging family! Strangers chatting from different cities, different states, different countries…different continents! I love it! I look forward to chatting with some of my new blogging friends on a daily basis, encouraging one another, feeling sad for one another, and laughing at one another's expenses!

With that being said…here are a list of my nominees for the family award….

My thoughts on a page

Jogging dad

Tom Nardone

I'm going slightly mad

Anna Lea West

Running to her dreams

Things my daughter told me

Contrary mom

Thanks again Jolene! I think I'll celebrate with a glass of wine:)


4 thoughts on “Celebrating My Fourth Fantastic, Frilly, Fun Loving, Family Award!

  1. Thank you So much Tia. You are a sweet sweet lady, and it has been such a wonderful thing reading about you and your family. It is always a pleasure to see what is going on in your house. Thank you for being such a great friend above all. You honor me with your nomination.

  2. I’m truly honoured to be considered part of your blogging family, although I don’t know how you handle another family on top of what seems to be already a full house in your own family! 🙂

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