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I have worked three twelve hour shifts in a row, and have one more to go! For a person who usually only works two days in a row at most…the thought of this is exhausting..let alone the workload itself! However, and for whatever reason, I have been given a very light assignment this week…

It's not that I'm not happy that the babies are doing well, because I am, but these 12 hour days can sometimes seem so long when families and/or the babies need minimal assistance. If you overstay your welcome in the room, you may appear to parents to be “hovering”.

If you didnt know this before, I need to be entertained almost all the time. After three long days of waiting for the clock to change hours…I'm growing tired, and maybe a little delirious. I can only bring so many subjects up to talk about with my peers. So to have some insight into how I get through long days, I've written a little poem about it. I think you will find it awe inspiring and realistic, and just plain raw!

I've stared at the windows, the walls, and the door,

I've counted each tile on the floor.

The computer stays black, except for the dot, that moves here and there on the screen.

I see my relection in the mirror like glass, and wish that my scrubs were of jean.

My shoes and my pants are black as night, my socks are the brightest white.

I look so foolish..I should have known…I just dont look quite right!

My legs are swinging back and forth, as I stare at this stupid white sock.

And then to the air, where really I swear, the minute hand hasnt moved on the clock!

In the near distance, I hear quiet alarms… and maybe a babys faint cry.

I've snapped my gum, and tapped on the floor….I have nothing to do but sigh!

I've paced the floor, offered my help, and annoyed all my friends in my sight.

I've looked for some trades, spun in my chair…Oh how I wish it was night!

I have fed my babies and tucked them in tight, and now I wait 2 hours more..

until theyre hungry again, and I smile and grin…cause now I can rest my bed sore!

I've talked to some moms and caught up with peers…just trying to pass some time.

If I had any money, especially some change, I'd play heads or tails with a dime.

The counters are gray, the walls are yellow, and the ceiling tile color is white.

I cant help but wonder about my own health…..Is there enough Vitamin D in artificial light?

Ive drank lots of coffee, used the bathroom alot, and checked my own pulse once or twice.

I can't wait til lunch time to rest my feet….I may have some chicken with rice!


I have exercised at my desk, using my own arm as resistance,

But wait!..What's that sound, does someone need my assistance?

NO! They do not…it was just a mirage….a made up sound!

I wish there were more people who needed me around!

My drawers are all stocked and my data's all charted…

It seems like a year has passed since this day has started!

But for one small moment there's something to do…I sit with a baby and rock..

Only 10 more hours with little to do…Will it EVER be 7 O'clock?

Even if I get bored….. Here's to one more day of slowness, because slowness equals healing and healthy babies! πŸ™‚

Happy labor (free) day!





    • I’m glad you got a laugh! I prayed I would be cancelled today….but no such luck! Off I go to another long day…but then I’m off for awhile!!!! πŸ™‚ happy Labor Day:)

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