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I’m An Under Achiever, But I Dream So Big!!!

I find it facinating when people take a risk and start up a new business on their own. I always think it would be really awesome to do this myself, but I simply lack the drive and nerves to follow through with it.

Recently, two of my friends have taken on this challenge. I can only hope that they remember later, that I was their friend before they were famous. One of my buddies is a successful psychologist, that has opened her own practice. She is the boss of herself, makes her own hours, and pays herself her own dollars! The other is just now ready to open her own yoga studio, called Tree House Yoga, later this month…..and I have no doubt that it will be a giant success!

I've sat with both of them, on different occasions, and asked them many questions regarding each of their journeys, but I honestly just end up staring blankly, not really understanding how they would even know how to begin such a process. Picking the building, paying rent, getting loans and investors, doing construction on buildings…..It all just seems like alot of work! I find them simply amazing, and am proud of them both!

Truly, it makes me want to be the boss of myself, when I hear their stories. I just wish I had the initiative, the know how, or the funds to do so.

Its not that I dont have the drive to succeed. I went to college, got my degree, and work in a professional setting. I just dont desire to go any further in my career. I like to stay just under the radar….if you will. Aside from my own career however, I have gotten many great ideas to advance myself into the business world….I just never follow through!

For instance, as I was teaching myself how to play the guitar, I had high hopes of becoming, at the very least, a LOCAL star! I planned to get really good at playing….. then I would advertise around town that I was looking for a drummer, singer, tamborinist, keyboardist, and cellist. My new band would sing in venues around town most weekends and some weekdays. I would go supplemental at my current job, and I would make a decent chunk of change doing something that I love! But…I really never got good enough, and no one would join my band/orchestra OR hire me. So…that fell through!

Then I got this grand idea to flip houses. What a great idea for a supplemental income! I was going to buy houses for cheap, fix them up, and then sell them for a Giant profit! I even went so far as to check out a few dilapitated houses. The only problem was … I dont know what to do if a building is deemed structurally unsound….I have no real construction skills, unless you include hammering a nail….and I can barely make my own mortgage payment, let alone a new mortgage…….So, I never even bought one house!

I've had many other, more simple ideas too… such as…. Buying a gently used limo, from the 80's, and then renting it out to others, and/or driving people around for a small fee. Eventually, I would be able to buy lots of used limos, hire on a bunch of teenagers to drive them, and just store them in my own driveway, to cut down on costs. Unfortunately, I never got around to buying one.

Another time….I wanted to open a consignment shop…in a time when I had alot of clothes to give to the Goodwill. Sadly, this dream went unfullfilled as well.

So, lately Ive taken a whole different approach regarding my business plan. I've tried to latch onto my friends business plans instead!! I have offered to sell wine, from my “possible” new winery, in the basement of my Yoga buddy's new studio. I have also offered to sell coffee, from my “possible” new coffee shop, in the lobby of my Dr. friend's offfice. Who wouldn't want to drink wine or coffee while waiting for a yoga class or a psychiatric evaluation? Both of my friends said yes, but they were laughing hard when they said it….So…..Odds are, Im still on my own!

In lieu of this, I have come up with a new idea, that may be my best idea yet!…..If only I could get my brother to invest in my business!!

There is a cute little abandoned house, not far from my home, that I would like to buy. I would gut out the kitchen and make a small cafe on the inside, and build a giant deck around the outside, where most of my patrons would sit. It would be a country style restaraunt, in the middle of urban strip malls!!!

The only problem is that it is sitting on wet lands….and the property costs 1 million dollars…and it gets cold here in the winter, so I would just be open seasonally (because the inside of the house is to small for a full restaraunt), and I only really want to sell breakfast….but I could be talked into lunch and dinner, if I felt it was a success.

My rich brother is reluctant to invest in my business plan because he says he will never get his money back!!! So I went back to the drawing board to come up with ideas to bring in more revenue, in the off season months.

Another good friend of mine said that she would be willing to invest (after asking her husband first) in a coffee shop with me. I could definately do that out of my store in the winter! In additon to that, I could rent out my kitchen to a hairdresser, during the winter months, for extra cash….and I could even allow hunters to go hunting for deer, ducks, racoons, and other such things, in my wetlands….for a small fee. The ideas are endless, as will be my flow of money!….But…..I still dont have any investors yet.

So, until then, wish me luck so that I too can become a entrepreneur like my friends,….Otherwise, I guess I will just have to live vicariously through them.


4 thoughts on “I’m An Under Achiever, But I Dream So Big!!!

  1. I realized the other day that I save reading your blog posts until the last. I like reading your tales as the fun end of my day. That may mean I live a very sad life, but your blog is a shiny high point for my daily reading.

    • I’m flattered by that. However…it may mean you live a sad life, or it could mean that I live a sad life that only makes yours look better 🙂 I always enjoy reading your blog too…and like conversing over them even more 🙂 thank you for the nice compliment!

  2. Tia I have failed at most of the things i have ever tried. I have to tell you i never thought my blog would be successful either. I have written a book and it is very good. It is currently with my editor, but i expect nothing from it. I suppose if it does do well then i will be a pleasant surprise.

    Good luck to you lady. Never stop trying.

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