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The man moved slowly down the gravel road, before stopping in front of our campsite. He was puffed up…His movements were methodic, and purposeful. He was using his power to invoke feelings of fear….of shame! It was the DNR here to visit us……again!

It was almost 4am, before our campsite was quiet. The festivities that occurred the night before, were reminiscent of last years drunken fiasco, when the DNR visited several times in one night! Luckily, that night, they were on a different campsite than us, and we went to bed early without blame!

Simply put….Some people should not do shots of booze while camping, especially when its already past quiet hours! The campsite only got louder as they drank more, and as their voices were trying to talk over one anothers voices.

Families, much like our own, were trying to sleep…… But these were our friends…right?!

It didnt matter. Fun was to be had, regardless of who had to endure the suffering. Laughter and simple sharing of stories turned to stumbling, slurring, and slander. Shushing and “quiet downs” and “Please go to another site”, no longer worked. At 2:30, they were just really getting started….some were out of control……We had to go to bed!

Morning came early, with 4 children wanting to be fed. I guess Moms have to get up, no matter what time they go to sleep! When we awoke, the partiers were gone…they were no where in sight. They had stayed in a cabin…and we were left to deal with the repercussions.

Here the man came…up to our site….but he seemed confused.

He said…”I'm not sure I'm at the right site?! There were complaints of noise here last night ma'am”!

I can see why he would be confused. Here were two women, cooking breakfast over the fire for their children. The children were frolicking and playing nerf gun wars all around us. This certainly didnt look like the frat party that had been described!

I admitted it was us, and apologized immensely. We were embarrased to say the least. He was coming to kick us out of the park, but I charmed him with my humility and honesty. He assured me that if it happened again….people would go to jail!!!! I wasn't in the mood to go to jail! I simply came to relax, drink a few beers, and do a hike at the very most!!

It led me to wonder why I somehow always manage to draw drama, even if I wasn't the one to blame!!

The DNR guy left without incident, but we were left with deep feelings of guilt. Our neighbors hated us! Every time one of our kids ran by their site, screaming, I knew they were cursing our ever living beings!!! I could not live like this. We are not this kind of camper! We are reserved, friendly, animal and neighbor loving people!!!

With her head down, and with my constant urging, Renee made her way over to apologize to the neighbors. It was the right thing to do. Thankfully, they appreciated the sentiment, and were really cool about it.

We were able stay another night…provided that the goings on of this camp site were tamed. However, our site had been RED FLAGGED!

I was hopeful that the amount of sleep we had last night on the blow up mattress…..mixed with the amount of dehydration in our circulatory systems….would provide the perfect elements for a perfectly quiet evening…. and for an early bedtime…..

Only time will tell! ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. I am sorry Tia. At least it ended well. Pretty good story too. It is one of those things you will laugh about someday. Oh! Because of you the other campers have a great story to tell also. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is one reason I prefer backpacking to car camping. No one is going to carry enough booze 7 miles up a mountain. (And, if I was the one getting drunk, I wouldn’t have to worry about the DNR police hiking 14 miles to tell me to keep it down, either…)

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