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Moving From “So Last Year”…To “So This Year”!

This is a picture of my very first EVER, smart phone!! It's really true…I'm slowly advancing.

I admit, I have a problem advancing with all this new technology. I sometimes feel sorry for my children, because the rule is…. “If I don't have it yet, neither will you”! I think they were more excited than I was, about getting the new phone. They get all giddy with the hopes that they may not actually have to be the only dorks, without smart phones, in middle school….. I however, haven't ruled that out yet….and there is still a chance some of them may be dorks anyway. πŸ™‚

For some reason, I have ALWAYS been slow at this advancement. Sometimes I feel like I was born too late in time….like I should have been born before the 1940's……then it wouldn't seem so odd that I drag my feet on this issue.

It seems like just yesterday when my job forced me to accept the concept of direct deposit…..Before that, just me and few ladies close to retirement, would stand in line to pick up our checks at work, and then went directly to the bank, before someone stole them out of our hands!! Sadly, all of this occurred less than 10 years ago. I just wanted to be cautious!!!

Beginning this March, I started my first Facebook page, even though its phasing out, after several years of popularity. People are advancing way faster than I'm ready for. I get too worried that someone will steal my identity, and know where I live, and how many children I have, and what kind of car I drive! Once I finally realized that everyone knows all that stuff anyway, because of satellites, and cell phone tracing, and GPS devices, I relaxed, and made it even easier to find me!

It's not only technology that I don't keep up with though…it's almost everything that changes. I admit, I was the last person to stop pegging my jeans in the 80's. I had a hard time adjusting to the Capri pant, due to its knicker like appearance, and I was dragging my feet about the skinny jeans this time around. I always seem to jump on the bandwagon, when the style is changing again…. Meaning…..IM SO LAST YEAR!!!

I'm still not ready to pay my bills on line, because I'm trying to keep the postal service in business…..and I'm scared that some place of business, and/or felon will steal all my money, in which I did not give them permission!!!!

Also, I'm not ready to get those discount cards that you put on your keychain, for deals at the grocery store. First of all, I find it fishy that you can only get the discount if you have the card….what happened to coupons? So, because everyone wants the deal, customers are lured into getting the card.

THEN, while you innocently drink your wine, smoke your cigarettes, eat fatty foods, and guzzle cases upon cases of soda, the higher ups are looking over your purchased items, which became available to them when you filled your name in, on the card!!!

Later, when you trip and fall in their store, and try to sue them, they may bring up your massive amount of alcohol purchases at their store. Could they be certain you weren't drunk? THEN, in a few more years, when your trying to get health insurance, they will sell this information, and your rates will skyrocket!!!! I'm getting worked up again just talking about it!!

While its obvious that I still have ALOT of issues, and may require psychotherapy at some point, I AM advancing!! The purchase of this smart phone proves it!

I just can't wait to see what I've agreed to next year! What about Virtual Reality 2014?????!!! πŸ™‚



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