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When it comes to Camping And Wineries….My kids are pretty cool! :)

My children tend to annoy me ALOT of the time…what with the fighting, filthy rooms, back talk, phone calls from principals, battles with homework, and so on and so forth. However, some days I feel like I have the coolest kids EVER… And I like to give a shout out on these days.

This weekend, after the DNR visited our campsite partway through our stay (which I talked about in a previous post), we were only harassed by them one more time. Apparently it is illegal to load the bed of your truck with children, while driving…and it is even worse if the tailgate is down. Luckily it was a different officer, so we didn't have to go to jail that instant. πŸ™‚

After all these shenanigans, we made the best of the rest of our weekend. As an added surprise, a couple of my good friends came down and hung out. We were all able to get two good hikes in, we listened to music, reminisced about old times, the kids made s'mores, we had a colorful fire, and we had ALOT of laughter. There was no major drama on this night….Thank goodness!

The next day, after checking out, we went into the little town of Nashville to visit a few wineries…This is when my kids became really cool! We love to visit wineries, so the kids have become accustomed to stopping. They usually run around in the grass, playing tag around the vineyards….OR we have to bribe them! The later happens more often then not. This was no different!

Nashville is an old city with ALOT of little shops…You can spend all day there, and we did! At our first winery, we bribed them with a cheese tray. They agreed to sit out on the patio, watching the two dogs that were with us…for soda pops, and this tray….that had fancy cheeses, crackers, and grapes. SOLD! It was a win win situation!

As we tasted our wines, I loved looking out at our well behaved children, enjoying a life of what they considered…..true class!

The next winery was just a few blocks up….They upped their ante! They wanted to go ice cream tasting, if we were wine tasting. Fair enough! Their uncle Ryan spotted them the dollars to get what they desired. They were all happy, except for one son who thought it was unsafe for the four of them to travel around the block without parental supervision???! Seriously….these kids are pampered and taught to fear everything these days.

Luckily they made it back alive, and at the same exact time we were done….and ready to move on to the last winery.

Here, it took some finesse to bribe them. Their bellies were full of junk already! We had to hand them cold hard cash! They had seen a toy store and a candy store they wanted to explore. I gave them ten dollars to split. It wasn't much, but they seemed happy with it. It gave them each $2.25.

We tasted wine and they spent their money, and all of us were happy. We then tooled around the city for awhile, and ate some fancy pizza at a brewery. Here I taught the kids how to make a rosΓ© garden on their forearms, and we hit each others knuckles until somebody said they quit. It was truly a fun filled family day.

We finished up by walking around town, looking in stores, and ended lastly at an old candy shop. Here we bought Sugar Daddies, Atomic Fireballs, and enormous jaw breakers, for our ride home.

I realized today that if you make your children happy, they will make you happy in return…..and visa versa. However, this has to be few and far between, because who can afford wine, beer, pizza, ice cream, cheese plates, and $10, more than once in awhile? Geeeeeesh πŸ™‚




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