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I'm home again, after a good weekend spent with my Mama P….I miss her already.

While she's been in the corner of my mind since I left her, I had to settle right back into my mom duties at home…..and it never stops for a moment. 🙂

My flight got in after midnight, and I slept as late as I could the next day, so I didn't see my children for another day. I honestly couldn't wait for them to get out of school, so I could give them giant hugs!

Renee and I went to lunch during the day, and I was feeling so zoned out and tired…I needed uplifting! She was telling me different stories about the kids…the ones I missed when I was gone. I was kind of listening and kind of not. Then she started telling me a story about my youngest daughter, and my attention was all hers for a minute…..

She told me that she had trouble with Chloe the whole weekend…She wouldn't listen, she wouldn't clean her room, she wouldn't do anything she asked of her….. I was thinking, WELCOME TO MY WORLD.

The thing is, I am more of the disciplinary parent in the household. I am the “mean” mom, and she is the mom that gives them a million warnings before she's had it. They call her the nice mom, and dodge me whenever they can, if they are going to be in trouble.

This week though, Renee stayed firm with Chloe. She made her clean up her room and clean up after herself. As Renee told me the story, she said she was confused by something Chloe said. When Chloe was screaming and yelling about having to clean her room she told Renee loudly “YOU'RE STARTING TO BE A GOOD MOM”!!!!

This made me laugh so hard. I got it immediately. When Chloe is screaming and carrying on with me, she often says things like “Why do you always make me do this?……Why do you always have to be so mean?….Why can't you just do it”?!

I usually respond by saying “Because I'm a good mom, who teaches her kids to do things on their own”!

Renee had finally made it to my status !! 🙂 I needed this laugh.

After lunch, Renee and I went school clothes shopping for the kids. We loaded our carts, and I couldn't wait for the kids to see their new things!

When the kids got home, after I embraced them tightly, I showed them, one by one, the new items I bought them. Chloe was last, which was weird, because she is always the one who's most excited. She was hiding a bit to the side….

Come to find out, she had cut a large hole in the center of her shirt today with a pair of scissors. This shirt was fairly new itself. This behavior is nothing new….She's been in trouble multiple times for cutting her clothes in the past. She asked me if she could still get her new clothes, and I laughed.

“No….and as a matter of fact, I'm going to take all of our other nice clothes too, because you keep cutting them up, and they cost ALOT of money”!

She asked if she could at least see the clothes, in which I responded “absolutely“!

I slowly set each outfit out for her to see, as she cried real tears…”Oh what had she done” was easy to read across her eyes. Finally she responded “Can I at least have the shoes…I didnt cut those”?


She doesn't have any really nasty clothes, so it was hard to find an outfit to put her in. Plus, she always acts like she doesn't care, when she is in trouble, so as I was rifling through her drawers, she would say “Pick that one, its really gross…'s not cute….I hate that one”. She's infuriating sometimes! I assured her I would find the perfect outfit….and I did!

I found a pair of brown cargo pants, that actually could be cute, but she hates them because they look like “boy pants”. She didnt respond much when I set them out. Next I found my way to my boys t shirt drawer……..The only drawers where I can find stained up shirts….. and I found the perfect one!

As I set it down, making it a perfect set, I couldn't make eye contact with her or I would laugh. She very quietly said “seriously“?. As soon as I stepped out of her room I laughed hysterically… I had gotten to this child!!! The thing is, they should be used to my implementations by this point, yet they still test what I will do. She should have plenty to tell her therapist 🙂

As she came down the stairs in that outfit today, I could hear the boys tell her how handsome she was today and hear her screaming… “SHUT UP”! I laughed again. She had tried to turn it inside out, and she had tried to cover it with another shirt, which I told her was not going to work out. I told her I hoped that this would teach her not to cut her clothes..

She cried and told me she already had learned her lesson. I reminded her that there are always consequences to our actions, and that she should embrace her punishment and get it over with.

By the time we were walking to school, she was flexing her muscles and laughing at her own self again.

All I can say to myself is…..WELCOME HOME!



8 thoughts on “WELCOME HOME! :)

  1. Jackie says:

    I forgot how old is Chloe? Valerie(hard headed daughter 35 now) says the new teacher has described just now 4 yr old Hayden Linn Louise Followell as ” strong willed” ha ha ha ha welcome to my world Karma!

    Sent from my iPad

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