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Happy Birthday Renee :)

This is the day that my dear loving Renee was born. Since we have been busy at home and driving back and forth to Texas, I haven't exactly been been able to prepare a celebratory party for her :(. Despite all that, I have been thinking about it ALOT.

I was telling a friend of mine recently, that I felt like a loser companion, because I didnt even have a beautifully written greeting card to give her. My friend laughed and told me to just write her a poem, as I frequently do for my kids….and for other random people, when it suits my needs right!

I scoffed at the idea! It's not that she doesn't deserve her own poem…just the opposite really! Its just that we have been together so long, that I feel like she would think it was stupid. After all, she doesn't find me nearly as amusing as she did in the beginning.

After taking the rest of the week off, so she could come to Texas with me…. AND after driving all night to get there, so that she could help me take care of my mama P (which she reminded me was her mama too!), Renee was tired! This morning, after letting ME sleep late, on HER birthday, she got up and made breakfast for the kids, and already had them started on their homework! …. I knew the roles should have been reversed, but as usual, she proves to be selfless, and always looking out for other people….including me!

This is the point that I realized that I was, in fact, going to give her the long overdue poem that she deserves…. πŸ™‚


Renee you're amazing, and I have so much more to say….

I really wish I could have done more, to make this a special day.

You are selfless and kind, you're loving and more

I don't tell you enough that its you I adore.


You put up with my nonsense, and just shake your head..

Even when it annoys you, when I wont make the bed!

Im sometimes annoying, neurotic, and mean

I don't know how you stand me…I must look really good in jean!


You like to live in the shadows, letting me have all the attention,

But you are my pillar of strength, and I forgot to mention….

That I appreciate ALL of the things that you do,

You are our comfort, our balance, and our family glue.


I thank you so much for being understanding…

For tolerating my sadness and seeing past all my demanding.

You've tended to my family, and put our needs first.

Sometimes I love you so much, I think my heart will burst.


You allow me to play and mingle with my friends…

You let me deal with things differently, as my heart slowly mends.

You take the back burner, but your presence is steady

Your faithful and devoted, and you know I'll talk when I'm ready.


I don't like for you to see me weak, or for you to see me hurt,

So I sometimes seek you last, for your care and your comfort

But you know my needs anyway, and I owe you a toast

Because at the end of the day, I need you the most!!

I love you Renee!!

Happy birthday:)



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