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Being Culturally Diverse, and Benefiting ALL of Humanity

I ventured out of my house today for my own benefit, which I haven't done in awhile. Not to say I haven't left the house, because I have on multiple occasions….for work, to pick the kids up from school, to get groceries, and to take the children to whichever event is necessary in their lives to keep their high statuses up!

What's interesting about the alertness I have in my life right now, is the fact that I am even able to amaze my own self. Today, I realized just how cultured I am.

As I look back on my life, these are some of the things that confirm my cultural diversity.

1: Many times through my adult life I have tried different ethnic foods, and attended various ethnic fests, such as…the greek fest, Italian fest, and the Irish fest, amongst many others.

2: I have for sure purchased foreign cars, though I usually peel the logos off before my retired Chrysler employee of a step father notices.

3: I always make my kids eat the actual ethnic food on the menu instead of picking chicken fingers.

4: In my prime, I actually waitressed during a Spanish fiesta, where I was amongst the only English speaking population. I danced like you wouldn't believe, while delivering cans of Dos Equis to non tipping customers.

5: Once, while visiting Mexico, and after having several tequila shots and beers, I agreed to pay a couple of bucks for 5 burritos, that were stored in a cooler and sold out of a truck on the roadside. Desperate times call for desperate measures…..PLUS could it be any worse than a Taco Bell run?….Turns out….maybe! The local gentleman were laughing as I was scarfing them down like I hadn't eaten in days. The friend I had with me spoke enough Spanish to laugh and point at me along with the locals, while sputtering out….”You are eating a mixture of cat and dog burrito”!!!….I Looked at the burrito for a second….but with hot sauce, it really wasn't half bad, so I finished them off.

Anyway, all of these things that I practiced on a fairly normal basis before today, seemed just like that…NORMAL!

Today however, with my eyes continuing to be wide open, I realized that I have always had, and continue to have, a culturally diverse reputation.

Today, my good friend and I headed out on yet another cultural day.

We first went for pedicures at the emporium….which less cultured people may call the Mall. We did NOT allow for American service today, so we paid extra for the deluxe pedicures, that were done in a Chinese fashion. I tried to communicate the best I could, answering every question spoken in Chinese, with a full English answer. I felt I could read into what he was asking by what he was pointing at….

For instance ” No, I've only gone to one other place besides here sir, and it was a one star”, or “No…..ACTUALLY sir, that bunion came from my frequent use of high heels, and the corn has actually formed in response to walking incorrectly on the bunion”!

Actually, now that I think about it, he may not have been talking to me…. But I had a good chat anyway!

Next, we made our way over to the Thai restaurant, where we dined on red curry and pineapple Pad Thai. We drank only Taiwanese beers…I had a Chang beer, which means white elephant, and is why I remembered so much today…….and my friend had a Singh, which means lion, and implies great majestic courage, which she has………

It's funny how we always pick the best cultural beers for ourselves subconsciously, isn't it? I made Holly (the girl next to us who was trying to eat in peace, but accidently left her name badge on), take our pictures with our thai beers, against my friends better judgement….. but I couldnt pass this opportunity up, due to the perfect cultural ambiance.

Anyway, next we moved on to the brewery across the street. One might think that this place wasn't cultural, and really it wasn't. However, we made the best of our cultural day. She ordered hefeweizen, which originates from Germany, and I ordered an IPA called Piranah….and piranhas originated in brazil. It was almost as though we were in another country!….

What you might notice about this whole…uh….lets call it an article :)….is that it denotes a little craziness, and maybe is even making you think I need a little rest…..and it doesn't have even a hint of sadness.

Honestly, I needed to be pulled out of my slump for a moment. I have never had my mama P out of my mind for long, and my phone has been by my side all day….

…….But Truthfully, I think she would be impressed and even laugh at all the culture I've surrounded myself with today….all while carrying that fancy Coach purse that she gave me:).



15 thoughts on “Being Culturally Diverse, and Benefiting ALL of Humanity

  1. Welcome back then Tia you must have felt like you were in some other country today. I am pleased to hear you have had such an enlightening experience today. and I laughed out loud when you said that you dont let your kids order the chicken fingers. too much lady. as always you are a pleasure to read.


  2. Great story! You are definitely culturally diverse! BUT if your dog comes up missing, I’ll have to tell Renee to check the burritos! πŸ™‚ you crack me up!

  3. Cat/dog burrito? Lmao. I’m trying to decide if I’d order that if I knew what but was. Maybe if it was the restaurant speciality or I knew the food truck had a good reputation.

    In Boston, I saw I blowfish food truck, and all I could think was: “if the chef messed up and killed all today’s patrons, wouldn’t he just drive off, never to be heard from again?”

    Turned out the food truck was just stalked Blowfish but doesn’t actually serve it. I was sort of disappointed because I liked the danger and intrigue. Even if I had no intention of trying blowfish.

    • I’m picturing your food truck to actually be a food truck. My food truck was a broke down Chevy, with a blue igloo cooler full of house pet burritos:). But, I would have liked for you to have tried the blowfish….it would have DEFINATELY made you more cultured!

  4. No, no, no! The true sign of a culturally diverse person is in how many language can he or she say ‘kiss my ass’. On that score, I bet I’m much more diverse than you are! Welcome back, madam, it’s great to see you smile again.

    • Thanks! I DEFINATELY amused myself…but now I feel like I’m n another competition with you! Are you more culturally diverse, or more lingualy culturally diverse?. There could be a difference:)

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