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My children just finished packing the car….And I can't wait to see how it looks. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have spent most of the morning tidying up the house, putting bags together, finding pictures, and searching for quilts, hats, and scarfs around my house to take to Texas with us. Today, we are Texas bound again.

I can honestly say that this is the first time I am dreading my trip to Texas. I'm not looking forward to entering the home, knowing my Mama P isn't there, and I'm NOT looking forward to the memorial.

It's funny, but ever since she passed away, I have been talking to her frequently. I suddenly want to point out all the drama that I had been telling her about in person, all of these years. Now, I feel like she can see it for herself…..though she also can see my reaction too!

I simply don't want to go to Texas! I feel, in some way, as though if I don't attend the memorial, or enter her home without her presence, then it can't be final….Not for me at least. Today, I've found myself talking to her more than ever, AND trying to ignore her more than ever. While I'm dragging my feet grumpily, she's urging me in the direction I need to go. I guess she's the angel on my right shoulder, trying to knock my little devil attitude off of my left shoulder! ๐Ÿ™‚

As I was packing my own things up, my mind was wandering….as it usually does, and I started to entertain myself….as I usually do….

4 pairs of granny panties….check…Fancy dress…check…Fancy shoes…check…Silpada necklace..check…Silpada earrings…check….Coach purse…check!

It's amusing that I even have this stuff in my house….fancy name brand things I mean. I have never been one to care about the name on anything, and honestly don't think the name makes something prettier! However, I always seem to be able to be talked into believing that I do, in fact, need these items.

I'm not talking about the goodwill finds that I know I need… like the matching gold slippers, leisure suits, and jean rompers either. When I purchase those sorts of items,I feel like I'm actually robbing them! What I'm talking about are the things such as the Silpada jewelry. My friend Kellie tells me every year, when her party is being thrown, that I NEED new $60 earrings. Even though I disagree, somehow in the end, I'm saying “You are so right Kel. Do I need the matching necklace too?” Which she always responds to with a GIANT “Yes”, because she needs a new FREE matching set herself, and she won't get it unless she has enough buyers. Normally for $60, I would expect at least 30 pairs of earrings, yet somehow I do feel like a rock star when I wear these high dollar finds.

Next is this Coach purse that I love. I wouldn't have a Coach purse if Patty hadn't given it to me, because I think it's dumb to pay this high dollar for a silly old purse, that carries old reciepts and mint condition tampons, with half chewed gum, stuck to the tips! I could feed at least 100 homeless people on Thanksgiving, for what one of these purses cost! People have been telling me for years that I need a fancier purse…. and until now, I thought they were all stupid! However, they were right! I did need this purse. I am of a completely different caliber now. I walk with better posture and everything.

Yesterday, I gave into a sort of peer pressure again, and bought my first lunch satchel from a 31 party, with my own monogrammed initials on it. While my friend Angie, was having the party, she wasn't the one peer pressuring me. Instead, it was the high class, pompous girls I work with! :). They all have these fancy lunch pails, each with their cute little names on it, so it won't be confused with another's. Whenever I pull out my good, cute, polka dotted “Igloo” lunch satchel, they giggle and point….or at least I feel like they are in their minds. They finally made me realize that I NEED that fancy $18 plus tax, plus shipping, plus extra for the initials, lunch satchel!

I get talked into everything!….Those matching Mallow run winery sweatshirts and matching pedicures, that my friends Amy and Tina told me I needed, so I could look cool like them….and I did!….Those fancy pink plastic sunglasses that I bought on the beaches of Mexico, after Renee told me I needed them, so that I can now use them for racing my bicycle or wear them during a wind storm! I needed them!…..I even had to be talked into getting my eyebrows waxed so I could be more classy. My friend Anne tried to tell me that about 12 years ago, and I only did it for the first time about 5 years ago. With the amount of hair that comes off of those sticky patches, I think my hairdresser agrees with Anne!…..And now, the most recent encouragement comes from my friend Dusty, who thinks it might be a good idea for me to get a tattoo in Pattys honor. She even agrees to go with me, but isn't sure she will get a matching one! We thought maybe on my wrist or neck would be best, but couldn't decide if her name should be written in a heart, or in a different language! ๐Ÿ™‚

This is where my thought process stopped, before directing myself back to the packing. I admit I started laughing, because I know Patty would have rolled her eyes and laughed about the tattoo idea, or any of my shenanigans really.

I wondered how Patty knew what to buy…She was always so classy and had all the name brand stuff, and her nails and hair were always done perfectly! How could I have not have picked up some of these traits naturally from her?

That's when I heard her say to me “GET PACKING TIA”! …..AND so I did:)



11 thoughts on ““GET PACKING TIA”!

  1. Yolanda says:

    Tia youโ€™re keeping Pattyโ€™s precious memories alive and I love it!! ๏Š

    PS I always look forward to reading your BLOGS.

  2. I have a recurring nightmare about the apocalypse coming and all I can do is fret over packing my suitcase. And stuff keeps falling our or I go back to get done stupid thing I forgot. Meanwhile, the earth is splitting, the sky is falling, tornados are coming or a tidal wave is headed my way.

    I completely understand how you feel about going to Texas. Calling it “difficult” would be an understatement. I like how you’re talking to Patty, though.

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