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Experiencing Unexpected Emotions

We made it to Texas in a timely fashion, and rolled in to my Dads house around 6:30am.

It seems odd that I say my “dads” house… After all, it's still Pattys house too isn't it? I admit that it stings a little bit when I say things in a singular fashion, or when I talk about her in the past tense. Obviously the words slip out before I've had time to register them, so it always sends a bit of a shock through my system for a moment or two.

I've managed to get….well lets see….

….minus that…

….then carry the one…..

Okay, that adds up to about ZERO minutes of sleep!

We drove straight through the night, and we got here in almost exactly 14 hours…not too bad really. Renee and I always take turns driving, while the other one rests…..but I never rest!!!

Maybe I'm just being dramatic, but I always seem to get the crappiest shifts to sleep, and the most uncomfortable seat to sleep in! While I'm driving, the kids are quiet, hardly making a peep! However, when I nestle in for a well deserved nap, they begin fighting!

Last night, as I dozed off, I heard the motor of a battery depleted doll cooing and giggling, making the same rundown sound over and over again. I tried to ignore it, but each time it made a new sound, by blood pressure would rise, and I would start to wonder why I never heard this sound ONE TIME when I was driving!!! My neck almost broke off, when I whipped it around to growl at my child. The doll was immediately fixed!

NEXT I started hearing the sounds of bickering. Caleb had stolen Chloe's good Shrek hat and plastic nose with a straw attached to it, then proceeded to hit her in the head with it! She was giggling then screeching, pleading for it back! I was about to go ballistic!! Once I finally scared them into quietness, with the shape of my teeth and lips, and the breath coming out from behind them….I started to hear constant coughing!….

Each time a phlegm filled cough came out of my son, I pictured myself breathing in the spray. I would try to breath out while he was coughing out, but Renee wouldn't stop swerving and slamming on her brakes, most likely to dodge deer on the highway! Needless to say, it caused me to lose track of my cough to inhalation ratio!

I did not rest during this section of the trip!

While driving my next section of the trip, I noticed that my own throat was starting to get sore, and I felt like I was running a low grade temp. My little cherubs were resting so well! They didn't bother Renee for one tiny second. However, four and a half hours later, when I was back in the nap seat, the same two angels were causing me havoc again! They were laughing, and biting each others fingers, and wrestling, and kicking the back of my seat! I gave them two fairly nice warnings, before I threatened to flick each of their heads if I heard another word.

Guess what?! I heard another sound, and their heads got flicked. It may seem minimal, but they don't love to get their head flicked, especially if I use my pointer finger! Just as I dozed off, we were at the house!! I didn't rest at all!!

Needless to say, the emotional entrance into my mama Ps home never happened. I was so tired, and now sick, so I headed directly to the couch. I told my children to lay down and close their eyes, and they in turn, started wrestling on the couch. We tried to turn the television on, but they were talking over the volume!!!

Next, I sent them outside, and told them not to come back in until we awoke. However, I could hear them screaming from outside. I then drug myself up to see what the ruckus was, before they woke the whole house. Caleb was smacking Chloe in the face, and in the eye that he already had blackened yesterday. Then he was shoving her around and screaming, until he found a lighter that caught his attention. Just as he as about to set the house on fire, I went all mommy dearest on him!!! Ahhhhh!

Obviously I need rest, and so do they!!!

In summary, while I didnt get to experience the emotions that I thought I would, at the beginning of this visit, I did feel emotions nonetheless! I think Patty probably got a really good laugh at our expense 🙂

Praying and hoping for a better day tomorrow! 🙂




7 thoughts on “Experiencing Unexpected Emotions

  1. Now you know why some animals eat their young! OMG!! Too dang funny!!! And, its a good thing. It made your entrance focused on the kids and not the absence.

  2. You see, Clark griswald would have told a totally different story. He would have said the trip was great and that he had a great time driving after a beautiful blond girl in a hot Ferrari!

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