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I never have figured out why traveling wipes a person out so much. The minute I got home last night I said “I can't wait to take a shower and just sit down and rest! I'm beat to bloody nubs”! Then one of my children reminded me that I had been sitting and resting the whole trip!! It was a good point, though I'm certain there had to be more to my exhaustion.

I have been traveling back and forth to Texas for the last month. I have put ALOT of things on hold at home during this time….Partly because I was too emotionally drained to do it, but mostly because I didn't have time.

So, today was a catch up day! Despite my head cold, and need to sleep…. I have so many things to do this week… plus the kids are on fall break! I used this to my benefit and put them to work. We cleaned our rooms, emptied trash, caught up our laundry, and put this house back in order!

My oldest daughter has been vomiting out both ends today, and has been useless….She has barked orders and threatened her siblings, reminding them that she is sick…all day long. Sadly, she almost reminds me a tad bit of myself. 🙂

My dad is staying with us for a few days and is staying in my son Harley's room…..Poor Harley! He happened to gain my dads attention this morning, simply by having a disgusting room. So, for part of the morning, and through half of the afternoon, they both tore his room apart and put it back together. I'm sure a few lectures and encouraging words were given throughout the process, but I didnt stick around to see… Please take into consideration, that I was THAT child at one point!

Since they were all three preoccupied, I decided to drag my youngest two with me to run errands….the two children that cause the most havoc! I really was too tired to deal with them, and was hoping they would behave themselves today!

First, I had to go downtown to get my college transcripts, to prove that I am a nurse…and to prevent myself from getting fired on November 1st. Then, I HAD to go to the grocery store, because we only had about a can of beets and a can of hominy to live on. Both of these things required interaction with humans, so I had to threaten them both before entering the buildings!

Usually, when I have these two in the car, I turn the music way up… Mainly because they argue and fight constantly. Today however, my head was pounding, and for some reason I was listening to their conversation with the music off! They weren't fighting, and their conversation was highly educational.

My 10 year old son was telling my 7 year old daughter the point of having a balanced calendar. She told him she didnt “get it” for a few times, before becoming enlightened! Then she said “Oh I get it Caleb. What your saying is, in the summer, we have ALOT of fun. So, our brains start to get full of fun, and it pushes the smart stuff out. That's why we have to go back early, before our brains are too full of fun”!

He just replied “Right”!

As we reached downtown, they could see the Colts stadium. They started talking about the game last night and were arguing about whether both teams were cheering for Peyton Manning. After that was cleared up, Chloe said that she hoped the Colts played again tonight (she never watches football by the way). Caleb told her that they only play on Sundays, and she said “Each one of us is part of the Colts Caleb, and I hope they play tonight”

He then told her that she was making no sense, and she responded by saying “I know, that's the point….and I never will Caleb”!….They are so inspiring with their banter!

There was no incident on campus, but on the way home, we witnessed a horrible car accident on the highway. One car was upside down, and many people were trying to pull the doors off. The other car had a man sitting in the front seat, but with “guts” coming out of his head, according to Chloe.

I didnt stop! However, the whole way home, I was getting reprimanded by my daughter. “You should have stopped mama! You're a nurse! You should have given them CPR”! I tried to give her a proper rationale, but she wasn't having it. I wanted to tell her of the Good Samaritan law, and then tell her my CPR card expires in a month, and tell her that I am a little rusty, but I didnt want her to think less of me. PLUS…. I didnt have time!

We made it through the grocery store and the evening without any real issues! I was grateful for that, plus I had accomplished ALOT! After dinner was wrapped up, I finally sat down and was able to complain about my illness. Chloe had the TV on, but I wasn't really paying attention to what she was watching. When I saw her doing stretches in weird positions, It caught my attention. I asked her what she was watching…and more so, what was she doing?!

She said “I'm watching this show called “I Hate My Butt”, and these are the exercises they're doing”!

I asked why she was watching it, and why she felt like she needed to do the exercises.

She scoffed at me and said “Duh! I'm trying to get my butt back mama”!

I guess I'm not the only one using this as a catch up day. 🙂×300.jpg



8 thoughts on “CATCH UP DAY

  1. Tia, You and your family never cease to amaze me.. I wonder if you got up had a normal day and got all of your errands run without incident came home made dinner and the kids went to bed without any coaxing at all, well, I just wonder what kind of effects this would have on you. I wonder if you would at that moment consider starting some trouble yourself just to balance the scales. I….I dont know haha

    Tia thank you it is always a pleasure and a privilege to read about your beautiful family

  2. Travel is exhausting. After all the travel I’ve done this year, vacation is spending a few nights in my own bed.

    Your daughter doing the butt exercises? Young people these days! 😉

    • She’s funny! After taking a bereavement leave last week, I came back and worked two days this week, and already had a vacation scheduled for next week! I was feeling guilty and thinking I might work, but the closer I get….I think I may just take it:)

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