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So Much To Do…Such Little Time Spent Doing it!

There is nothing that cheers me up like a good day of Goodwill shopping! It never matters how tired I am when I go, because once I get myself looking through those partially mint condition/partially visibly soiled clothing, I find myself smiling…and on a mission! I don't know if its me or my children who put the stuff in there, but the cart is full before I know it….and I'm always happy with the finds!

Today, I decided not to mark anything essential off my list again….It's just too much to think about! Instead, I think I was actually trying to fill my time with anything BUT what I needed to do!

In about two weeks, there is going to be an 80's dance party at the kids school. Last year, as some of you may remember, we did up the disco party….and it was a huge hit! Now, my whole family needed outfits for this year. Most of you know that I would be very unlikely to attend a ball, or allow my children to attend it, without being dressed, at the very least, appropriately…and, at the very most, like rock star award winners!

A couple of days ago, I took my friend Michelle up on an offer to go Goodwill shopping, with all seven of our kids! Afterall…we all needed outfits! Sounds fun doesnt it?!

Yesterday, I upped the ante, and told her I would only go if she agreed to allow us all to have a picnic lunch before we went. I was just REALLY wanting to have a picnic!!!!! You know….the kind where you make sandwiches, sit on a blanket, enjoy the sun on your face, while drinking a beer iced tea and enjoying a good conversation!? There was only a couple of problems with this…

First of all, Michelle isn't the type of person to give into my shenanigans….EVER! So she simply said “No”! Secondly, we were only supposed to have a high temperature in the low 40's today, so it wasn't really picnic weather……though, I would have done it for her. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucky for me though, she did compromise..which is sometimes difficult for her to do. We all had a picnic on her living room floor… on a blanket..with tea and lemonade prior to our departure! Our children made fun of me while I laid back on the sand, looking up at the sun, but no one was going to ruin this picnic for me!!

I truly am happy when people give into my needs, even if they think its stupid AND have no qualms about telling me its stupid! They are STILL doing it right?! ๐Ÿ™‚ ….What they don't realize is…they are just as stupid as me!

Next, we left on our Goodwill journey! I admit I was feeling sluggish and uninspired to start, but as I said before, it didnt take long before I was back in action.

My girls were hanging out with the teenage girls…so they didnt need my help. Harley was sick and unable to hold his head up, so he rested on the lice infested couches, for much of the time…..AND since Michelle was on her own mission, I was left to focus my attention on me…or my son Caleb…..

Poor Caleb! I already have plenty of outfits at home, in my own dress up box, that would suffice for this event. So, I wasn't worried about myself. That left me to worry about him. Caleb is the least dressing up person in our home, and is probably the shyest. Every time I try and make him wear something he fights me, tells me its stupid, tells me he doesn't want to go, and tells me he doesn't want to dress up! He even goes so far to tell me that ALOT of the other kids don't dress up either!!!

Ouch! Thats like a punch in the gut! No child of mine will attend this gala without an outfit that spells success. Unfortunately for him, he has grown to learn this, and eventually gives in to my bantering, and sadly I have even had to offer money before!!

Today though, I had an awesome idea! What if I dressed him as an 80's rock band star?! He was slow to agree, especially when I told him he would have to wear stretch pants, or stretchy jeans! This boy makes me laugh sometimes! …. I found the perfect getup! I was laughing hysterically, while he was rolling his eyes.

“Please try this on Caleb. If you do this, I know you will win the big prize”!

He said “no” a few times, before finally giving in, but with conditions! He said he would try it on, but would not come out of the dressing room…I would have to come in. Also, once it was over, I had to agree to hold the outfit, and tell any onlookers that it was mine! I laughed even harder as I said “DEAL”!

Needless to say, he looked AWESOME! I would have never guessed he would fit into a size 3 women's jegging! I'm still laughing as we speak! He refused to let me take a picture, so I just had to photograph the outfit. We still have more to add to his attire, but he is going to rock it!!

Now its almost evening, and I still haven't marked a thing off my list. The kids are carving pumpkins and are coming in every now and again to complain about the frostbite on their fingers, and take sips of hot chocolate. I am under a blanket on the couch and considering pouring myself a glass of wine early.

Many of you may not know this, but on this day, every year, all of the swallows depart from San Juan Capistrano. It is a national holiday, and its a sad day, yet a day of celebration, for many Capistranians.

I feel like this is…as good of a reason as any….to have a glass of wine early! Cheers to the swallows:)!



6 thoughts on “So Much To Do…Such Little Time Spent Doing it!

  1. I miss the 80’s concert seen. Heavy metal bands cared enough to put on actual shows. Dio, maiden, maiden, crue, priest. I never missed one. Educate your kids about music and the 80’s Tia but dont let the boys dress as Rob Halford. Thanks for sharing.

    • Your so funny… I didnt even know who Rob Halford was…I had to look him up! Thank you for educating me, and I promise not to dress them like that! LOL!

  2. OMG. . . .I go thrifting to de-stress and raise my spirits too!!! I love dressing up for stuff and am always in the mood to throw theme parties!! I am currently working on my Halloween costume, and it is going to be EPIC! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I usually make my own outfits every year for Halloween, but this year I’ve been preoccupied! I feel bummed a little, but it gives me extra time to prepare for next year:). Happy costuming! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m reading about a month’s worth of your posts, and thoroughly enjoying them all! This one made me laugh, and wish that I had the courage and creativity to get dressed up sometimes. It’s never been something I’ve enjoyed, as a kid or an adult, but my daughter Elizabeth made up for my lack of it with her innate passion for dress up! Love thinking of you all dressed up as a family…

    • People are always surprised that I can get my children to wear such items, but honestly, they’re so used to doing it, that it isn’t even a question in their minds anymore! It’s expected:)

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