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Please Try This at Home!

Really recently, I carpooled with a friend to work. We are coworkers, but also friends. Occasionally we go to lunch in our free time, or text one another, just to check in, every now and again. I say this because I want you to understand our comfort levels with one another…..Basically, we're comfortable!

We talk about our kids, our families, and our lives. We talk about shaving, our lady cycles, bowel movements, and urinary tract infections. There is nothing that is really off limits!

Sometimes we ask each other things that we wouldn't want someone else to know we are questioning….and then laugh hysterically at the answer…because its partially the truth and partially made up!

On our way home from work, one particular day, my friend was suffering from kidney stones and cramps, which she finally admitted were gas bubbles. Everyone knows the misery that these little bubbles can cause! Lucky for me, they stayed in her epigastric area, and never found their way to the colon, before she dropped me off!

These random bouts of stabbing pains were a little distracting to our conversation though. Usually I fill the whole ride home with random chatter, and I am ALWAYS feeling a little “slap happy” after working 12 hours! Everything is funnier than it really is. This time however, she really didnt want to laugh, due to her enormous levels of pain….PLUS she was hunched over the steering wheel, and it was apparent that our safety on the highway was becoming questionable!

….But….Because I'm a good friend, I didnt mention it….

Instead, as you may have guessed, I continued talking about interesting things that happen in life.

At some point, I found myself telling my friend that when I cry, I have the ugliest “cry face” in the world! For some reason, probably because I have been crying ALOT lately, I have become focused on the face I make when I cry! I've talked to several people about this recently, and have become equally interested in what sort of face they make, when they cry. It's both intriguing to me….and embarrassing and shameful for them at the same time.

I hadn't seen my friend in awhile, so I was catching her up on the story. I explained to her that when I cry, the edges of my lips and my cheeks go up, the middle of my top lip goes down with my nose, and my eyes scrunch downward. I look similar to the joker, but with my eyes closed. I always try to cover my mouth when I cry, but I feel that people can still read what's happening beneath my palms, by reading my eyes! I'm a mess!

Just as I have many others, I asked her what her cry face looks like! Her response was the same as the rest. “I don't know”!……But they all DO know! We've all done it sporadically, throughout our whole lives! After a little coaxing, and after she practiced a few times, she showed me the face that she believed she used. Just as I expected, and almost like everyone else I had asked, her lips go downward…not upward like my weirdo face! I wondered what was the matter with me?! It kind of looks like I'm smiling, but I'm sad.

Our train of thought was interrupted again as another large bubble of gas made its way through the mouth of her small intestine. When I looked at her, I noticed she was making an awkward face, but one similar to the one of her “cry face” she had showed me, only moments before!….I just HAD to ask!

“You don't suppose everyone's cry face is the same as the one we make when we strain?”

We both giggled, and then tried it out!…….IT'S THE SAME!!!

My face scrinches up in the same fashion….

How awesome, but disturbing at the same time! šŸ™‚

When she got home, she texted me to alert me that she made her husband try it too….same result!

I felt proud to tell her that I made my kids try it when I got home too (Renee refused)…..You guessed it…same answer!

I love learning something new every day, and this has left me in utter amazement!

So, I invite all of you to….PLEASE try this at home! šŸ™‚×266.jpg



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