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Living Life Like A Child

I woke up certain that I had been bitten by more brown recluse spiders than seemingly possible! Ever since I've seen those spider eggs on the “scary” side of the basement, I've been a little on edge. PLUS…as if that wasnt bad enough, my Aunt Rhonda recently made me feel ALOT better, by telling me this story of her family members getting bit by thousands of spiders that were getting into the bottom of their sheets….in the dark! Where you can't see them!!!

I've been able to keep my psychosis at bay for some time, but for some reason (probably due to the eve of this hallowed day!), I got skittish while sleeping. I started feeling spiders getting on me, and making me itch! Once I started scratching, I couldn't stop….they were everywhere! At one point, Renee went to let the dog out, so I used it as my chance to look under the sheets….for giant webs, and dead flies mixed with my dead skin!…..Surprisingly…there was nothing!

Even more surprisingly, I had no welts, or black sloughing off skin, anywhere on my body!

I was not only relieved, but I began to FINALLY feel the holiday spirit!!

Recently, I have been so emotional, and I have felt too overwhelmed and drained to celebrate Halloween this year. I didnt even WANT to design a costume! However, today, it was a different story! I was full of energy, and some pretty good ideas!!

I was supposed to meet my friend, Lindsey, for lunch today at a Mexican restaurant. I asked her first off, if she would be willing to dress up for Halloween, and dine with me in a serious fashion! She giggled, then tried the usual “I don't have anything to wear” nonsense, that most people say to me in response to dressing up for anything. As usual though, I won out!! I told her I would bust out my evening own box, and we could go crazy!!! She could wear anything she wanted!

Knowing I was going to eat my own weight in refried beans+chips and salsa, I made a quick trip to the gym! I fit in a good 3.3 mile run, and 20 minutes of biking, which equaled a good 550 calorie burn!….Yeah! I could eat 2 helpings of beans:)

On my way home, a light bulb shone brightly in my frontal lobe! I was going to be a camp counselor! I suddenly remembered this whole ladies army gear, that my dad had sent me a few months back! It had shorts, shirts, socks, ties, hats….everything, though the elastic was worn out of all of it!!

I called Lindsey, and asked if she would be mad if I didnt wear an evening gown, because I had better plans. She said she didn't care, and reminded me that neither she, or her brother had anything to wear! They agreed to come over and look through my dress up box! Then, once my friend Tina heard of the festivities, she was in too! We officially had a table of 4!

Once at the restaurant, the butterflies began….for them, not me! How would we be viewed by society? Could we keep a straight face? Should I have allowed her to talk me into this?… These are all questions that they had…

The questions I had were different! Would this rain ruin my braided mullet? Were my shorts completely covering my backside? Would we get a discount, or get asked to get our photo taken for their wall? I was a ball of nerves!!

Luckily, we were a hit!…To no one else but ourselves, but still! It was amusing to see how others responded! The waitstaff acted as though we were dressed completely normal…just friends on their business lunch break! The other customers however, greeted us with eyes full of jealousy and is disdain! They wouldn't make eye contact! No thumbs up, no giggles, no head shakes…..

What's wrong with people these days? Can't adults have a little fun anymore, without negative thoughts, and debates on whether we should be in a lock down unit or not?!

I for one had a fabulous lunch with my creative friends. They acted spontaneously, they didnt care what other people thought, and they played with me…which I love so much!

We may not have gotten any candy and never were offered even a small discount, but what we got was worth so much more…… A double order of REFRIED BEANS!!!

Happy Halloween!!



7 thoughts on “Living Life Like A Child

  1. TartanJogger says:

    Love the costumes!
    You do have me itching all over and worried about spiders, though… *off to search the bedsheets*

    • Lol! Is it due to the rust stains everywhere, or my braided mullet? I think ALOT of people were attracted to me in that get up! Now I see why they don’t want girls in the armed forces! They have to dress so sleazy….What with the tie and socks and such šŸ™‚

  2. I love your costume! I think Halloween is such a fun holiday. I like ghosties and skulls and vampire bats. Its all silly. I think it’s good for adults to be silly once in awhile. God for the soul.

    I have bad dreams about being tainted by mice. This is partly because it happened when I lived in Philly and we had some mice in our kitchen (we had really insanity neighbors who would leave trash out — they caused a fly infestation too).

    The mice would slink across the baseboards then turn and glare at us, like it was there home and we were the intruders.

    We now have a few mice hiding out in our house since the weather got cooler. We’ve disposed of them. But I’m still creeped out that they might crawl on me when I sleep and leave mouse turds on me.

    • Believe me, I understand about those mice! Our house is old, and they skip their way to our house, every year, with their extended families in tow:). I think the spiders bother me a little more though…. Just the eggs even!

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