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The Soul Knows How to Heal Itself :)

As I listened to my 7 year old daughter belt these lyrics out, from my the back seat of my car…. “We're up all night to get lucky”, I was pondering several things.

One…How can she remember little of ANYTHING I tell her, but can remember, verbatim, the lyrics to sexually inappropriate songs?

Two…I could probably be a better mom, and have a little more parental guidance when it comes to what my children watch or listen to!

AND three…I was reminded about how much my children entertain me, even though they equally make my head want to spinoff.

This was a vacation week for me…at least during the day time hours, when the kids were in school. After having such highs and lows while dealing with the events leading up to my mama Ps passing, and thereafter, I had vowed that this week…I would play everyday!

I have played at breweries, wine spots, and pumpkin patches. I have gone to lunch three times, with different friends…eating in ethnic places, hill jack places, and places with Taste! I've found different outfits to dress up in Twice in one week! I have gotten a fancy haircut, toyed with the idea of a Brazilian, and gone goodwill shopping TWICE! I have enjoyed conversations, giggled, and LAUGHED ALOT. 🙂 I had a VERY soul healing week!

Since it was storming Thursday, our Trick or Treating was held on Friday night. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, because I LOVE dressing up for everything possible. This year, I lacked that motivation, for not only myself, but for my children. Renee took the lead this year, taking them to the store to pick out an outfit. I honestly didnt even know what they were going to be, until a few days ago! I know the kids were disappointed in me (mainly because they said so), because I didnt have my normal spirit!

After playing all week, and then all day yesterday, it was my kids' turn! Renee had to work, so I was going solo on getting them ready this year! I took a look at their plain outfits…a cheerleader, an army guy, a witch, a man with no head….. We needed to spruce these outfits up!!! I bought some last minute discount face paint, at the local drugstore, and we got busy!!

One by one, as I did their faces up….listening to their words of distrust the entire time…..their faces would light up! First they would smile and say “wow”, and moments later I would hear them growling or making scary noises in attempts to scare their siblings! It was worth every effort, and it was the least I could do.

I had intended to try and dress up with them, but I had used up too much time with the face paint! I had come to terms with the fact that I was going to have to go without the outfit! However, as we were getting ready to leave, my son said “But mama, this is the first year you haven't dressed up with us”!

He was so right, and upset! I told him we would be late if I tried throwing something together, but both he, and the other three, all agreed….. THEY WOULD WAIT! Not wanting to break tradition myself, I was on my way!

As I came down the stairs, I loved to hear the sounds of their giggles….They make it all worth while! The boys laughed the hardest,….my oldest daughter was mortified…and my youngest daughter kept calling me a lesbian farmer. “Lesbian” is her new favorite word right now, so I had to make it CLEAR, that that term would not be used all night!

What a great night with my family!

This morning, my son had a choir performance all day, and my oldest daughter had a birthday party. That left Renee and I with the youngest two…the ones that cause the most havoc, have the most energy, are the most delinquent, and don't get invited anywhere! 🙂

Unfortunately, however, due to the lengthiness of my stories….. the next part will have to be told…..NEXT TIME:)

Happy Saturday!



9 thoughts on “The Soul Knows How to Heal Itself :)

    • Thank you! I’m glad to hear from you again! I know you’ve had a rough stent here lately, but I’ve missed our chats! Still thinking of you, your family, and friends….and hope you can all start your own healing soon!

    • I can not take credit for any costume but mine…but truthfully, the face paint is the best part!!! I’ll take credit for that:). Thanks! It was fun!!

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