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….The Healing Continues…:)

A day spent with our two young, non-law abiding children, could really go one of two ways (I'll leave that to your imagination). πŸ™‚ Usually they do much better, when not having to compete with so much attention, so I had a good feeling…for some odd reason.

If you didnt get a chance to read my previous post, please feel free to do so…Otherwise, you will just have to agree to live with the following statement, to get you up to date…. My older two children were busy, so we planned to do something fancy with the younger two…. That's it…hope you got yourself current:)

Anyway, Renee and I were glad to be able to spend a little time with them in a positive manner. They both seem to live their lives in trouble, and it was important for us to show them a little affection. We decided to go to brunch…The word in itself was fancy to them, and they were in. We went to a place we've never been, and it was phenomenal! There is nothing like eating lamb meat and feta cheese in a breakfast skillet!! Even after I took three of the four eggs off of my skillet, I'm sure I probably consumed a good 3000 calories! We tried each others food…biscuits and gravy, hash browns, toast, tomato juice, crepes, hot chocolate….We stuffed ourselves beyond full….and had a good time!

Since we were so full, I told them we should walk it off somewhere, like…perhaps..the Goodwill?! I knew beforehand that this wouldn't necessarily go well! Renee and Caleb groaned…and Chloe cheered….

We attempted our first one, to find that it was the first Saturday of the month! That's half price day!!! For me, it was a perk….for Renee, it was a nightmare! There was no where to park your car outside, or your cart inside….that is if you could find a cart! It was like battling people for the last laughing Elmo doll at the Walmarts, at Christmas time! I was fine, but Renee was starting to sweat and have visible hives, and Caleb refused to even stand by us….he went roaming!

After Renee stood leaning on the cart, staring at me, making her overwhelming boredom, incredibly obvious, I was over it! I began to throw a small tantrum of my own, reminding her that she does this every time we go to the GOODWILL together! She then changes her tune, saying she really is enjoying herself, I know she's lying, and now I don't want to shop with her ANYMORE!! It's the same process every time, and she always wins this battle!

Instead we went for a beer, and virgin daiquiris! All this did was make us incredibly tired. I still wanted to go Goodwilling, and so did Chloe, so Renee and Caleb agreed to pick up my oldest daughter and head home….so we could do exactly that!

This time we went to a different Goodwill, but with the same 1/2 price sales and problems! It didn't matter to the two of us though…there was no one to harp on us! Sometimes, when my daughter stays where she's supposed to, I enjoy shopping with her. She's both annoying and funny!

I told her I needed some pleated stone washed jeans, and she was on a mission!!…. No questions asked! My favorite part is when she yells out things like “Pleats like these mama”?…. Especially when they are about 6 sizes too big! People just look at us with downcast, yet quizzical eyes.

We shopped in almost every area. It's funny, but she recognizes things she NEEDS, just like myself…Its as if we have the same genetic makeup! Since it was half price day, I let her go crazy!

The line to pay was to the back of the store. Anyone who shops there avidly, knows that this is the time you keep shopping, as you ease your way up the line! My daughter is not shy. Actually, she is the complete opposite, most of the time bordering on annoying. She would talk to strangers the entire way in line, telling them that those are her sunglasses, OR telling them that she and her mom both like really new things and really old things. I'm not sure how many people she told about how good of a shopper she is, and how poor of shoppers the rest of her family was! One lady she spoke to, looked at her, and then completely disregarded what she said! So, in turn, she twisted her body in a way to stare as closely at that lady as she could. They lady looked tougher than me, so I told her to stop.

Just as I was shopping in line though, so was my daughter. She found a beautiful, silky red, with black lace cuffs, long robe. Lights shone around it when she saw it! She immediately tried it on, having no shame with who may be watching! It was missing the belt, but she made her own! I told her it was a little big, but this was an item she needed….I could see it in her eyes!

She proceeded to put it in the cart, while asking the people behind us if they thought that gown was beautiful. They said yes, and asked if it was for her mom…which I admit was a little mortifying! She scowled at them quickly, holding tight to the robe, and said “No, this is MINE”!

I know how she felt. That's the same way I felt when I bought my baby blue leisure suit.

This is a girl, is a girl after my same heart!!



7 thoughts on “….The Healing Continues…:)

    • I let my friend borrow that leisure suit…it was in a blog a few days ago, I just wasn’t wearing it! Don’t rule it out ever though…I’m sort of attached to that 2 piece!!:)

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