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Meet You At The Next Red Light!

A giant fairground filled with want to be cowboys and cowgirls, with country music blaring in the background! Budweiser beer being bought and tranfered hand to hand, while friends catch up in their formed circles. Tall cowboy hats, blocking the view, and girls screaming as though they've just seen Jesus himself!

A giant moshpit, filled with non gendered people wearing face paint, and black nail polish. Ear piercing music blaring overhead! A possible human, or lamb, slowly basting over a small fire hidden in the corner, by the people hovering around it. People sipping on everclear, while psychotic laughter and aggressive forms of dancing continue in the background.

….These are the two scenarios I immediately picture when thinking about concert goers! I realize that this is maybe just my imagination running wild…..I know there are other types of concert goers, that don't fit into these two extremes, but I just have trouble picturing it!

In just a couple of weeks, I'm going to be going to a Pink concert! I've had these tickets for months, and its just now getting close enough to start getting excited. However, I'm having trouble with knowing how to get myself prepared.

Obviously, cowboy attire is not necessary for such an event, and gothic wear is DEFINATELY not appropriate! It's one of those events that fall in between! I have talked to my concert going buddies about dying our hair pink, and maybe getting cute matching pixies, but that didnt really spark them. Plus, what would we do when the concert was over? Just look like alternative nurses, with ALOT of spunk?! I fear our jobs wouldn't be secured!

I DEFINATELY plan to buy the concert shirt, and tuck it snugly in my fashionable jeans….just like I did at the Tom Petty concert, that I attended years ago! I plan to hoot and holler, laugh and frolic with my friends, and sing until my voice has gone hoarse. I will drink plenty of beers….probably not Budweiser, but maybe an Amstel light, or I may get crazy and get a full bodied Corona!!:) Only the night knows where it will take us!

The problem that still remains, is that there is no way to prepare! So in the last couple of weeks, I just found a starting place. I have started practicing the lyrics…In case for some reason the camera is placed on me, and I'm put up on the big screen for all to see! I want to look as good as possible, especially if Pink decides that I belong in the crowd of her next upcoming video!

I've been singing in my car, and I've been singing in my house. I've video taped myself on an occasion or two, and admittedly, I'm lacking in the lyric department! I need more practice!

Because I'm still a little technologically disadvantaged, I still take to pulling out old CDs to practice with! The issue is, just like my own children (that I reprimand frequently about this same problem), I don't take good care of my CDs. They are all scratched, and no amount of spit or hot air will get these deep grooves out!….But, I listen to them anyway…..skipping included!

This can lead to ALOT of embarrassing moments, if you don't pay attention closely!

Sometimes my voice can be pitchy, so I leave my windows rolled up, and only sing in private. Other times though, I can't tell the difference between my voice and Pink's. Our voices just flow together as one. On these days, I feel confidence, and I roll my windows down, hoping some talent scout will hear me when Im stopped at a red light!

With the windows rolled up…. I'm safe! When the Cd skips mid chorus, no one can hear it but myself! But if the widows are down, I'm left on the edge, having to feign a yawn, in the middle of belting out the lyrics, in the tune of a beautiful songbird! It leaves me vulnerable, yet Im so consumed with confidence, that it won't veer me from my decision to sing!!!

….Sigh… Obviously, I've been thinking about this ALOT…..and the concert can't get here soon enough. But there is still work to be done! I'm off to practice some more.

Who knows, maybe you'll be lucky enough to hear me……at the next red light!



7 thoughts on “Meet You At The Next Red Light!

  1. Tia This was funny. I mean I really did laugh out loud. You are going to see pink so I cannot help you. the last shows i went to go see were Iron maiden alice cooper kiss motley crue Metallica and reverend Horton heat. I am not if you feel you are ready to play at that level but i think you are ready to go see pink. Just act real mean when you look at people and they will be intimidated. I promise

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