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The Uphill Climb to Confidence

Anxiety and excitement are beginning to arise as the time grows near! As usual, I start to question myself! Am I prepared? Do I have the right equipment? Am I brave enough to pull this off, despite its riskiness and sheer idiocy?

I always seem to be the type of person who fears nothing, when it comes to opportunities of humiliating myself. I appear confident and shameless when it comes to showboating some of my plans. The part that people don't see beneath that though, are nerves…bundles of them! I sometimes get butterflies, I get nauseated, and I worry….I constantly worry, that maybe this isn't the right decision.

Almost always however, my ego wins out! It's worth it to me to risk hearing the negative comments, to gain the positive reinforcement that I need!…..Laughter! I love hearing the laughter! Not the kind where I'm being laughed at, obviously, but the kind of laughter that I am laughing along with!

So today, as I finished the final touches, my emotions were running wild!

It was time to get ready!

The feel of the cotton was soft on my leg, attempting to calm my nerves, as I slowly pulled up and placed the full figured granny panty in place. I slapped the elastic band at my waist…just for good measure.

The brightly colored tights were enticing to my eyes, and were so silky soft as they trailed up my leg, that I almost forget that I was worried in the first place! They fit so snugly on my thighs and lower torso, that it somehow comforted me! The whole bottom part of my body was embraced in a sort of hug.

Next came the leotard. The last time I wore a leotard was…sadly… Just a few years ago, when I dressed up as Mary Lou Retton for Halloween. As I moved the unitard up my body, scooting my hips side to side to get it over my round backside, I started to come alive! The anxiety started to let go!

The leotard fit like a glove, accentuating all the right areas! I wish I would have done a few extra push-ups prior to placing it on, but at this point, it seemed like the least of my worries!

The soft fluffy leg warmers not only looked fabulous around my calf muscles, but they also provided a warmth…..a kind of warmth that I was never expecting! I suddenly felt so loose…so agile…that I felt like doing a plie, or a double axel……But there wasn't time!

My hair was too straight! It hung down around my face, and it had no lift! I needed hairspray, and gel, and a comb, and hot rollers….or maybe a round brush….and DEFINATELY more hairspray. My fight or flight response kicked in again. I was on a new mission!

I teased and sprayed, and sprayed and teased! What was coming together before me, was a masterpiece! After each hair was placed into perfection, I moved on to my face! I delicately placed the baby blue eyeshadow on my lids….as thickly as possible, so to be seen. My rouge and lipstick…..so beautiful, but surprisingly, only became just added bonuses to an already perfected piece!

Lastly, the accessories, which are sometimes considered the most important part! The earrings, while big, perfectly filled the space between my earlobes and shoulders….a space that is often so hard to fill. The althletic shoes that I slipped on, were so comfortable and flexible, that I felt as though I was walking barefoot in the water! Then lastly, I eased on the headband! It was so pliable, and it immediately absorbed so much of the already formed beads of sweat! This sweatband not only felt like a crown, it shone like one too!

I suddenly lost all sense of nervousness, and just became amazed!

My posture immediately became ideal, and the smile that followed it was priceless. What did I have to be worried about? It was clear…..I didnt look like Jane Fonda… I WAS Jane Fonda!

Tonight is the 80s dance party at the kids school! As most of you know, I LOVE to dress up, and if I can humiliate my children in the process, it is an added bonus! It was a gift God gave me. πŸ™‚

It takes ALOT of time and effort to get myself in a position to look this good. That being said, I'm just glad I had my children's outfits done….LAST WEEK!

Happy Friday everyone:)






11 thoughts on “The Uphill Climb to Confidence

  1. Dear Jane,
    You look fab. I would like to point out that years and years ago my husband and I bought one of your audio work out tapes. We were confused from the start. For example, at one point you instructed us to “Now stand.” and we already were. Just saying. πŸ™‚

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