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If I Make Him a Great Boy, He Will Become a Great Man :)

I found this letter today, while doing the laundry. A part of me felt like I was being nosy, and that I was kind of intruding on his privacy, but it was in the laundry!! I wasn't snooping through his room or anything right? Well, long story short….I read it, then laughed hysterically! He sounds just like me in many senses! I didn't know whether to feel sad about it, or feel proud!…… I picked proud!

Anyway, the letter made a full cycle through the washer and dryer, and since it was written in pencil, it had faded quite a bit! I took it upon myself to trace it in pen, because I plan to keep this letter for a long time to come! πŸ™‚

I'm going to translate a bit what's happening, so you can all be clear!

A little boy named Jeremy obviously wrote this letter to Harley, confessing how great of a friend he is to him. If you can't read it, it says:

“Dear Harley you are my best friend in the world and I will never get mad at you write back”

Harley immediately notes that the child has not used any appropriate punctuation. You can see clearly that it bothers him that his friend is using such poor language arts skills when he writes this in return:

“Dear Jeremy, add pucuation in your righting and How kind of you. Write back”

Harley didnt notice all his spelling errors, and also failed to see that he missed some punctuation himself. His friend didnt notice though, he was only pleased that Harley was there to help him out. Harley is a true friend! So Jeremy so kindly says back to him:

“thank you for telling that text me to right best friends Write back”

Again, poor Jeremy did not use proper punctuation, or capitalization for that matter. It became obvious that Harley could almost not stand the poor educational skills of his beloved friend, when he responded in large letters:

Add Puncuate in Your Writeing and yes we are best friends πŸ™‚

Harley got so caught up in what the other boy was doing wrong, that he failed to put any punctuation in his own disciplining words!

….This piece made me giggle, because I too, find myself correcting people often….my children included. However, I like to do it in a way that the person knows I'm just being friendly and trying to keep my loved one from looking foolish in the future. So….I add the sentimental follow up, such as Harley did, when he said “we are best friends” or “how kind of you”.

Its a way of letting your friend know that they are irritating you, but you are also alerting them to the fact that once they correct what they are doing, you'd still like to be their friend! Its pure GENIOUS!

To think…. I may have been responsible for teaching this child such a valuable lesson! I definately choose to be proud!:)




7 thoughts on “If I Make Him a Great Boy, He Will Become a Great Man :)

  1. Deer Tea,
    I lik reeding yor blog. I am glad wer frends. I tink yer a wunderful gerl and yu never jug me for mi por speling. writ bak to me if yu want. but dont jug my speling or be a speling notsy. Thanks Tea!! Yu ar nise.

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