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The Time Has Come……

Warnings have been given for days. Some believed, while others questioned the reality of predictions…..predictions that have been so wrong, on more occasions than they've been right. Some have been getting prepared, and others have risked their lives shopping and dining out with friends. Some have had anxiety since the moment it was mentioned, while others scoff at the mere idea that there is any element of danger at all.

The day has come. Anxiety is mounting. Worry and fear seeps through the body. Outside, the sidewalk is damp, and the slight breeze rustles the last remaining leaves on the giant oak tree out front.

Do you go or do you stay? Hiding from what may or may not come to be, seems counterproductive in trying to lead a normal life. Not heeding to any warnings at all seems irresponsible and risky to maintaining life at all. Meeting in the middle seems rational and sane…..but the fear still remains.

The choice was to stay close……

Its dark all around, with only random patches of white linear formations, separating the dark from light. The water that forms the puddles at our feet, intermittently ripples, as each breath of wind blows through. Still, the impending threat doesn't seem real…but the time hasn't come.

The day passes by, but the anxiety still looms…the time is nearing. The sky has opened up and allowed for moments of light to shine down upon the new pale, winter faces. The air is unusually warm, despite the cool current of air that thrusts itself outwardly on occasion, to give the reminder of what season is here.

Moisture suddenly fills the air, sending a sea of people into different directions.

Finally, the elements of the earth say to go home. The time was nearly here.

Nerves provide a heightened awareness of what's to come. At times there is a teetering of the mind….sanity or insanity? The worry and obsessiveness seems too much.

In an attempt to overcome fear, I allow the surroundings to take me in. The breeze no longer light, but heavy, and the frequency of which they occur are more rapid, only promising more to come. A loud crash came down, followed by rumbling through the heavens. The sound pounds in my head and resonates deep into my being. Bright lights fill the air, but only for a moment. The sound and the light both beautiful, but it only invokes more fear…

Do I go or do I stay?….Standing with feet firmly placed on the ground, staring fear in the eye, seems brave and productive in overcoming the existence of fear itself. Hiding from the fear, where it is safe, allows for the possibility of continuation of life….and then more fear. Meeting in the middle seems rational and sane…..but the fear still remains…..

The choice was to stay a few moments longer…….

The big threat was looming. Again, darkness overtakes the sky, with only patches of faint sunlight in the far distance. The rocking chair dramatically rocks itself back and forth, tapping the glass of the windows ever so slightly. The porch swing violently swings, back and forth. The trees no longer stand upright.

My son tries to brave the elements. The wind tries to hug him and take him away.

Finally, the elements of the earth say to go inside the home…..

The sun, rain, wind, and clouds continue to each take their turn. So far, the earth has kept us safe. Others in surrounding areas have been less fortunate. Please keep them all in your prayers as the elements work their way through each city, and stay hopeful that it takes the path of least destruction.



13 thoughts on “The Time Has Come……

    • Thanks! I kept waiting for the tornadoes to overtake us, like I always do! I hate storms! It seems the all the sever weather was north of us. Howeve, that is where all my family is. I have yet to hear the extent of their damage!

  1. Your story was a difficult read – very well written – which is why it was so difficult. My daughter is learning to write and I always tell her the secret to a great writer is to write so that the reader can smell, taste, hear and feel what you write. If you can do that – you gots skills. 😉 Tornadoes are probably my BIGGEST fear. 😦 So the line: “My son tries to brave the elements. The wind tries to hug him and take him away.” scared the crap out of me… Nice job – and glad you are safe! Hope you hear from your friends and family soon.

    • Tornadoes are my one of my biggest fears too. Unfortunately, I have instilled tat same quality in a couple of my children too! I try to overcome it, but ts obvious that am a nervous wreck! My family Is all safe! Thanks for your concern:)

  2. Yep… me too. 😦 My daughter has a huge anxiety problem anytime it so much as gets cloudy. And ya know…here in Texas weather can change at the drop of a hat or be completely dry in my yard and pouring at the neighbors – that makes for some tough times with her. 😦 When she was little I would tell her that thunder was good – because it brings the rain and that brings flowers – and we HAVE to have flowers!! That worked until she got older…smh. I wish I hadn’t pushed that off on her.

  3. Oh thank goodness your family are all safe. I have often wondered how people can live life between such threats. Well done on your post it was very well written.

  4. When I was in college, a huge tornado ripped through mt hometown. I went to class the next morning and heard people talking about what was destroyed, and it was really close to my parents’ house, so I naturally thought they were dead :/

    I sat in class in a daze. I finally got in touch with my mom a few hours later. They were fine.

    Your post captured that fear I felt. My thoughts are with those devastated by the storms.

    • I was never extremely scared of storms until a few years ago when rotation occurred in my back yard and a full grown tree snapped in two, brushing my skin in the doorframe of my house, and nearly catching Renee right under it. Since then, I have been a basket case!!! It sounds like the most damage that occurred was material damage. Thanks for your thoughts:)

  5. I’m sincerely glad you’re all ok. You’re in Indiana, right? Pity we don’t get much coverage about your storms but we’ve already been shocked by what happened in the Philippines recently! Take care.

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