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I awoke to the sound of, what seemed to be, loud alarms blaring in my eardrums. This normally would have made me sit upright, or at the very least, make me open my eyes. On this day however, I quickly silenced it, and more frequently than I was even aware of.

Alarm clocks….They are worse than men! You can't live with them, and you can't live without them! πŸ™‚

I woke up 40 minutes late, allowing my children a full 20 minutes to get ready for school! I felt ashamed, but it seemed to be the least of my worries! My throat was sore, my feet were both blistered, my eyes were blurry, and my body ached for rest! My body craved water, but my glottis refused to let it go down.

This is what happens to me every now and again, when I feel like acting as though I'm in my early 20's! My body reminds me over and over that I am getting too old for this, but I ignore it. Sometimes I just want to feel like a rock star! I want to mingle with the elite, and frolic with the youth of our society. This night….last night…..provided all the right ingredients that I needed to shine!

Dinner reservations at a fine dining establishment…..PINK concert tickets…. wine… beer… music….singing….. dancing…..and lets not forget my two fabulous friends that I shared the evening with!

We were all dressed to play the part, as we started out on our adventure! It was hard to decide what to wear, since we had to balance our fancy dinner attire, with our rock star concert outfits. Somehow, we managed it! What we came to find out, is that red, color stay lipstick dresses up ANY outfit!

We ordered fancy steaks…some made of meat and some made of tuna. We ordered wine…the kind that costs $10 a bottle in the store, but $50 at the restaurant. We ate bread, with fancy blue cheese spreads, and salads, with mustard vinaigrette dressing….a kind of dressing that you can only get when dining with the elite! We used the bathroom frequently, just to see if our waiter would give us a new napkin…..AND HE DID… Every time!

We told stories, we giggled about other patrons, and we talked about just how much class we have! We laughed, we cried, we were serious, and we laughed again! We boosted each others egos, applied more lipstick, and allowed others to believe that we were wealthy housewives, just grabbing a bite to eat, before joining our other poor friends, at our book club meeting! For just a moment, we were living a dream….Until the bill came, and we each had to dole out half of our pay checks… the ones we just got that morning:/…..Im glad my heat bill is on the budget plan!

Next, we moved on to the concert! PINK! We bought these tickets 6 months ago! I couldn't believe the time was finally here! One of my friends wasnt as excited as the other two of us, and I was really hoping she would get in the spirit once we got there! Oh…..and believe me when I say….She did!

When we got to our seats, which were awesome by the way, everyone was sitting??! It was as if we were sitting at a Celine Dion concert, during one of her ballads! I didn't know what was happening in the lives of those losers, but we weren't having it! We had enough cheap, but expensive wine, to feel loosened up! We didn't even need to stretch. So….we danced….we sang loudly…and we cheered! Actually, we roared with screams and hoots and hollers! My friend, the one who had been so hesitant, was dancing as though she was in a circle dance of an Indian tribe. Luckily, she had no one sitting on the other side of her, because she swayed back and forth, feeling every ounce of the music, and every ounce of other people's drinks she was spilling with her feet! On second thought, she ended up with shin splints today…maybe she should have stretched! πŸ™‚

PINK, who never lets anyone down, rocked out! She was singing and hanging from bungee cords high in the air. We were watching an acrobatic concert, all for the price of one ticket. We enjoyed every ounce of the concert, while the people around us NEVER got up! Part of me would like to know their take on the show:).

We didnt stop there though! We were having a great time, and we were still so pumped, after that phenomenal show! We met some other friends afterward, to do a little dancing, while the traffic cleared out. Here's where we mingled with the youth. Here we weren't separate from them, but a part of them….at least in our eyes. We danced until our feet were raw, then kept dancing until the nerve endings had been rubbed off, and then danced in comfort again. We danced around Travis Tritt and Usher look a likes, and whose to say it wasn't them really! With each new song that came on, our dance moves got better…even during the rap songs! Those fake turn table moves never seem to fade! I guess those people are right that say “Its like riding a bike”! IT REALLY IS!

My eyes didnt close until 3am! My mom duties resumed at 7:30. Here's the part where I'm reminded that I'm too old for this nonsense…especially on a Thursday night!

Today, as I tried to keep a losenge in my mouth for moisture, as I limped to and from my childrens school with blistered feet, as I napped on and off, and drank water to refuel my body, I reflected back on my night of adventure! Would I do it all over? Will I do it again? Will I ever finally listen to my body when it says no more?

All good questions, but I think it's clear what will happen! It WAS worth it to be a rock star for one night! Thank you ladies! I love you lots:)










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