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PRIORITIES: Traditional or Materialistic?

Grandparents day, Canadian Thanksgiving, National Boss day, The celebration of Daylight savings, Arbor day, Abe Lincolns birthday, George Washingtons Birthday, the combination of the two on Presidents day, Black Friday, cyber monday…… There are simply too many non recognized holidays to keep up with these days! Its completley exhausting, plus they dont even sell pinatas for all these occasions, which can lead to even more depression.

If you work in the medical profession, such as myself, it often means that you will more than likely be working on more than one holiday.

Sometimes it is frustrating when the calender is aligned differently than the plans that have been made, and sometimes a person can really get bombarded with horrible holiday hours, all in the same year. Some people take it all in stride, chalk it up to crappy scheduling, and feel confident that the next year will bring better alignment. Some people complain lightly, behind the schedulers' backs, feeling hopeful that they will snag the first staff members without a family, or one of the hand full of Jehovah witness staff, willing to help their cause. Then there are the others…..

The serious complainers…..The ones who feel entitled to have every holiday off…..The ones that will inevitably call in on the holiday, because they have plans with their family…unlike everyone else in the free world.

We are all used to the fighting and complaining during the major holidays…. this has gone on for years and years. However, in addition to these holidays that have been celebrated for as long as we can remember, there are always new holidays….holidays we dont get paid extra for, that have become worth fighting for.

After getting our coworkers to trade into October 14th, without telling them that its Thanksgiving in Canada, then after pleading our way out of Halloween, by promising to work Veterans day, then after trying to get our internal clocks back in order, after celebrating daylight savings time day, we still have Hanukkah and Thankgiving to get ready for.

People always ask prematurely if all my christmas presents are bought, when I still, at this point, haven't had time to consider Christmas, because there is still black friday and cyber monday to worry about! Granted, these days are at least celebrated to get us greedily ready for Christmas, but we are too busy getting our newspaper ads together to think about the holiday itself!!

What I find interesting about the whole gig though, is that people seem to negotiate more to get the days around the holiday off (or the minor holiday), more than the holiday itself. Black Friday is more important to have off than Thanksgiving, Cinco De Mayo is more important than Memorial Day, groundhogs day is more important than Valentines day!

Lets just face reality. Family oriented holidays are out, and beer drinking and shopping holidays are in! Signs in the employee lounge scream for trades out of Black Friday and into Thanksgiving! As a nation, we don't want to hang out with our families, playing pilgrims and Indians anymore….. We want to find deals! We want to race other customers to the best products, even if we get in fist fights…..and even if we get ankle abrasions from free flying carts! What a way to celebrate the Christmas holiday!

I admit, I've done this in the past myself, though I would much rather have Thanksgiving off! This year, its my holiday to work, and my family will go on without me. I'm sure to be fine, as my peers have all designed a massive pitch in, of our own, at work. I choose to look at it positively!

However, as I recently learned of our new progression, in our continuing advancing society, I wonder what will happen next?…. Black Friday on Thanksgiving? Black Friday deals, even before that? What will be the point of having Black Friday off, after this? Will everyone want Thanksgiving off now….or will it be the Wednesday before…or will it be the day after Veterans Day? Or…will there be no end to the deals year round? This could be a massive change!!!!

Like many people, I find this to be sad. I for one, like the time….the day even….to visit with my family, without having to spend it shopping. Don't get me wrong, I still want to drink wine…..but just with my other pilgrim family members!

Now, it's not just medical staff heading to work, but sales clerks, managers, moms, dads, cousins, aunts, uncles, and siblings heading out. At this rate, the only family time that will seem relevant will be Arbor Day, and earth day, where we can share a picnic, around our newly planted tree!

But then again…..this is where the cycle resumes…..these will just be the new cool holidays that everyone will want off, and lead people to quickly trade out of Arbor Day, for the less popular Christmas!



7 thoughts on “PRIORITIES: Traditional or Materialistic?

  1. Very accurate! I remember the first year that I worked retail and we had to stay late on Christmas Eve to set up for the opening the day after…. and she went nuts! “That’s family time!” Of course, by the time my two younger siblings were old enough to work and going through all of that, my mom had pretty much adapted! Fortunately for her, we all have “office” jobs that don’t require holiday work anymore!

    • Shopping isn’t so bad…it’s just the question of when is enough really enough? Even after this speech, I’ll probably shop. Since I do have to work thanksgiving, I have Friday off! 🙂

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