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What Goes Around….Comes Around!

I pictured a nicely shaped whittled stick….long, yet small in circumference. I could invision the girl, full of anger and rage, holding the weapon. After being pummeled to the ground, her eyes were on fire, and her hair was wild! Tears streamed down her face. As she stood up, her plan was already in place. No man would defeat her!

In slow motion, I could see her arm slowly rise, reaching as far back as she could. She shook her head and screamed her intent. Spit and tears flew through from her mouth and nose, as each word was spoken. Then…..she let go of the stick! It missed his head by a mile, but she got his attention when the room filled with the sound of a crash…crunching glass. No one was hurt, but every eye became wide open, and any anger subsided. What would happen now???

……My imagination sometimes runs a little wild, but this time I was pretty sure that what I was picturing in my mind, was playing out exactly as it happened. Actually, my imagination may have even underplayed the event on this occasion.

There had been arguing in the basement amongst my children…..This was not the type of arguing that meant they were directly fighting over something, but the kind that was placing blame. The basement is their play area. Its where their toys, video games, and television are, amongst many other things. I sometimes go weeks, months even without entering that basement. Mainly because I know I will go postal every time I see the mess they've made down there! It's just easier to keep the door closed, and not know!

They argue ALOT in that basement, but usually don't need parental intervention. However, for whatever reason, this time their fighting drew in Renee's attention. When she casually came up the stairs, after dealing with their issue, I mistakenly asked what the problem was. As usual, in a nonchalant manner, she said “Well, the Tv is destroyed”!

“WHAT”!!….I wasn't as calm!

I don't know how she stays so calm! That was a $500 television!!

“How”? I said.

She told me that my youngest daughter threw something at the television. I asked her what the repercussions were, and she said, calmly, that she was too mad to decide at this point!

…Enter Mama T…otherwise known as ME!

As I entered the basement, her head went down. I again made her retell the story. She had the fake tears in her voice, as she told me that she threw the drum stick, but she didnt mean to hit the TV! She meant to hit his head!! While she made a good valid point, after telling me what he had done to her, the fact was, this high dollar electronic was broken!!! I was naturally very angry!

I sent her to her room, with some paper and a pen. I told her to come up with a plan with how she could repay us for that TV. I told her to think about chores she could do, what rate would be fair, and for how long she would have to do it. She cried, but nodded her understanding.

At first, she was paying herself too little for each chore, and she realized it would take her much longer than she had planned, to pay it off. Also, she put chores like…clean the dining room….or clean the living room, which were never in need of cleaning in the first place. Needless to say, she got sent back to her room at least 4 times, before we came to a reasonable deal……Here's the plan…to the left of your screen! 🙂

The only problem with punishing your children in this fashion, is that it is also a punishment for you! It takes constant reminders, constant follow up, and it takes listening to constant whining! Plus…there are added bonuses….Bonuses that would be funny to people watching from the outside, but not so much to the people dealing with it indoors!

Last week she cleaned the basement every day. This week she's doing the laundry. That means she has to empty the bins, run the washer and dryer, fold the clothes, and deliver them to the appropriate rooms! However, her 7 year old focus is lacking, meaning we have to constantly keep her on track!

Last night, as I was looking up how to make a paper boat, for my sons project, she was supposed to be folding the laundry. Every time we would get in the middle of a “how to” video, she would giggle from the next room and say “OOOOOHHHHH look at your tiny, little, cute panties Harley”! It was funny a first, but it seemed like she was only folding underwear in that load! I eventually snapped at her, telling her to get back to it!

As we moved on to actually making the boats, she had moved on to folding the socks. She had the sock basket out, and was singing in the living room while folding. I let her be for a minute, before she had finally drawn my attention her way! She was paying attention to no one, as she was singing and folding socks. All while wearing a pair of panty hose on her head!

This is only week two of 6 or 8! It's going to be a long month or two. As I watch her, sometimes in amusement, and most the time in irritation, I wonder if this is the child my mother told me I would have, when I grew up to be a mother myself!

Hmmmm? Paybacks a B********eeep! 🙂



7 thoughts on “What Goes Around….Comes Around!

  1. You and your partner remind me a lot of me and my wife. She’s the calm one whereas I’m the bat out of hell, always threatening, cajoling and shouting. And, for some reason, I still get no respect!

    • That’s exactly our temperaments, but they know they can get away with ALOT more if she’s running the show!! However, I get the eye rolls way more frequently! 🙂

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