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GIVING THANKS For Another Awesome Award!

As luck would have it, I have recently been nominated for a fabulous, new to me award, called the Sisterhood of the World bloggers Award! I want to first say THANK YOU, to my new awesome blogging friend, littlemisslola! You can magically find her page by simply pressing on her name! I can honestly say that we write about completely opposite things, and her thought processes are sometimes far from G rated, however her life is fascinating and her writing is phenomenal!

The rules for accepting this award are fairly simple. I just need to answer a few personal, and highly intrusive questions. So here goes….hope you're sitting down! 🙂

Favorite color: Green! I've always loved green because its what surrounds us in the spring and summer. I love the color of thick luscious grass, the color of the leaves on the trees and bushes, and the green foliage surrounding the flowers!

Favorite animal: A caged one! Any animal that can't potentially harm me is my favorite.

Favorite non-Alchoholic drink: Coffee. Besides wine, and few sips of water here and there, its the only thing that I drink.

Facebook or twitter: I actually have both accounts, but I have no idea how to work twitter, so Facebook wins!

Favorite pattern: I think, after careful consideration, that the science of the sneezing pattern is most interesting. I recently learned, after having to look up my favorite patterns, that the sneezing pattern could in fact be predictable! Who knew? 🙂

Getting or giving presents: Giving presents. I love to find things to give to others, plus if there is something I desperately need, I just buy it for myself!

Favorite number: Its actually the phone number to clock out at the end of the work day. While I can't give it out, I wish I could. It's a wonderful number that they chose!

Favorite day of the week: All of them! I don't have a set schedule at work, so each week varies, as to which days are my favorite. Plus somedays, if its chaotic at home, I'd rather be at work! So, this is a very difficult question…as you can imagine!

Favorite flower: The peony. Not only is it our state flower, but it is the first flower of the year that I can bring indoors to showcase. Ants and all, it wins hands down!

What is your passion: I have so many passions to count! I have a deep passion for my family, and the job that I do, but I also have a passion for writing, guitar playing, and running……amongst many other things!

Next is the part where I get to nominate 10-12 other deserving female bloggers….Afterall, it is about the sisterhood! The ones on the list below, are some who I not only read daily, but some that have also becomebest friends to me on a cyber level. I hope you will enjoy them too!

Pandora vilitis

My thoughts on a page

Tartan jogger

Luminous Blue

Slacker runner

Did that just happen


Andie Duncan

Running to her dreams

Laurie's lovely living

Thanks again for the nomination! Happy writing and happy awards season to you all! 🙂



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