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If You Choose To Play, You Need A Vacation Day!

Four day weekends are something that most people look forward to. Generally speaking, there is a holiday in there to celebrate, if you're festive…….. and many times it includes FAMILY TIMES!

I too, look forward to these long weekends. However, the last several times that this has occurred, I have felt depleted after its all over……Kind of like needing a vacation from a vacation! I just try to cram too much in!!

I had to work on Thanksgiving, but was happy to learn that my family was basically devastated without me. After they ate, they spent the entire rest of their afternoon making sock monkey wine covers for me! They sewed until their fingers bled, each offering their own sense of creativity to the project. When I heard word of this story, my heart filled with love!

Still feeling high on love, I was excited to head in the direction of my family for a giant group hug…. and to do first aid on their fingertips if necessary. Once there, a handful of us carpooled into a nearby town, where we were going to surprise my grandma with an impromptu visit. We just stopped in for a hug, and it was worth every minute, just to see her smiling face light up! I gave her a multitude of hugs and kisses, and felt glad to love on her for a bit, even though she alerted me several times that I wasn't her favorite granddaughter, and made many references to my jeans needing thrown in the trash!

I hated to leave her! However, the local winery opened at two, and we were meeting other family members there!!! What choice did we have??

What started as a table for 5 ended in a table of 10. We had all left our children with older cousins in two different households. It was really a phenomenal idea! PLUS, sometime after all of this, I was supposed to meet a friend of mine, who traveled from out of state just to see me…..Or maybe it was her family, I can't remember! Anyway, by leaving my kids earlier in the day, in reasonably good hands, it kept me free from dragging them to my friends house later! It was a win win for me, and a lose lose for someone else!

My family and I had a lovely time laughing, drinking wine, and making fun of the people who couldn't make it. I was certain my friend would call any time, but filling up my free time was not a chore in the least!

After being notified of their arrival, I had a few bottles of wine wrapped up, and I headed over to hang out with my friend and her family for a few hours! We ate, we shared wine, we shared conversations, and looked at old photos.

While I was there, I became almost fluent in sign language. However, the same 5 year old child that taught me this, also stripped me of my dignity and pride during this same visit! She erased valuable videos off my phone, desecrated the drawing I made for her, desecrated my body with markers, and bossed me around more than I was prepared for! For a moment, I feared what would happen if the child had some rope!!! 🙂 Luckily, I had had enough wine that I just smiled on at this precious little child, with slighty grey teeth……telling myself that I will save my tears for the ride home! 🙂 She did, however, make amends with me, by drawing me a spectacular photo for my refrigerator! I couldn't hold a grudge after this!

After visiting a bit more and after taking a selfie or two of our adventures (while trying to cover up the chronic acne on my chin), I headed to my brothers house, where I spent the night.

The next day, I gathered the kids and we headed home to pick up Renee, and then left immediately again, to find our 2013 family Christmas tree! It was a fabulous day of family time…..decorating the tree, all while listening to bickering over who would put what on our new find. I can't imagine it any other way!

We finished the tree, got the children fed, bathed, and mostly in bed, before the babysitters got here! Renee and I were going out on the town, and starting at 9:00pm! Ugh!! I needed rest! However, we got ourselves in “cool” mode, and we met our friend for an evening of dancing, and youthful frolicking, for her daughters 21s birthday!

Home again late, we were beat to bloody nubs again this morning! We got a few swigs of coffee in before starting again. Today we have a birthday party, which we still haven't bought a present for, we have a Chrismas concert, and we plan to finish the Christmas decorating…. indoors and out! Also, we are expecting a quick visit with my friend again, on her way out of town!

A long weekend for sure, that went full circle! Family time, friend time, date time, and children time!!!! Tonight, after the final curtain call of the concert, after putting the kids to bed, and after sitting down with my much deserved glass of wine, in front of my new beautiful Christmas tree……I'm going to sigh, and say “Wow, I need a vacation week”!

……And the beauty is….I really have one!!!! Happy vacation to me!:)



10 thoughts on “If You Choose To Play, You Need A Vacation Day!

  1. Tia,
    I cannot imagine you working on thanksgiving this is so sad. I am glad you salvaged your holiday though. I love the surprise visit to your grandmother. It made it seem like you were house crashing on a Friday night with the girls.

    Sorry I have been away. Working on my book I getting close.

      • I was working on it when my iPod chimed to alert me of your comment. You will love it. I don’t know of anyone who i think will more appreciate the way in which this book is written. If you are interested then check your Facebook messages. i will send you a link to the excerpt from my book if you have not already seen it.

  2. Wishing I had been smart enough to plan a few vacation days for next week! Four days off “work” spent cooking, cleaning and cooking some more, I need a break! Maybe I can get some rest at work!! There’s no stove there! Happy thanksgiving!!

  3. My son mentioned this morning that he just needs two more days to rest and recover from the holiday… and he had the whole week off! 🙂 We do tend to cram a lot into just a few short days and this time it was no different! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and got to spend some quality time with lots of friends and family!

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