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Using My Powers For Good And Not Evil

WINE….I love wine. If you've read along with my rantings for any period of time, you may notice that I talk about wine almost as much as my children! What I have trouble understanding though, is why other people don't like to drink wine?! It seems foolish!

Peer pressure in adulthood is both stupid and comical (unless of course the peer pressure is used for good and not evil)! Why is it so hard to just accept when our friend or family member says “No thank you, I'd rather not”?

I'll tell you why….. Because we want them to feel and look just as idiotic cool as we do! This past weekend, I noticed two occasions in which peer pressure was used on my loved ones. Both involved the dislike for wine.

On one occasion, my family and I had all met for wine at a local winery. My brother Charles hates wine, and he's made mention of that about 25-30 times in the last several years! However, being a wine drinking family, we are relentless! We feel like he isn't even trying! He always stands firm, and never caves into our peer pressure, yet we keep trying. What will finally make him cave, and why does it even matter?…….

….It matters because he's acting differently than us, and what if he starts to judge us, instead of us judging him? πŸ™‚

Right after my brother finished telling us NO to wine, I packaged up some wine to take to my friends house, who also despises wine! We have had a multitude of conversations about her poor palate, and her inability to enjoy a glass of wine with her wine loving friend (me)! I have belittled her when she talks nonsense about enjoying strawberry daiquiris, I have ignored her desire to drink diet coke instead, and I still brought wine to her house as a gift, when I knew she didn't like it! This time…..she CAVED! πŸ™‚ She drank it unwillingly and said it was “okay”, but I could tell it still wasnt pleasing to her palate! Yet…..I was completely satisfied!

Why? Would it be horrible for her to drink diet coke beside me, or even a strawberry daiquiri in a dark colored glass, so I wouldn't be able to see it? It doesn't make sense!

On the other hand, there are some forms of peer pressure that actually require wine, in order to go along with a friend (me). Not too long ago, we went on a double date with a friend of mine and her husband, at a very upscale fine dining estalishment. They don't have any problem drinking wine, so no coaxing was needed. As the night went on, I think they were probably thankful that they had been drinking wine! Once we got partway through the meal, I was dying to show my friend the fancy bathroom, that had fancy towels instead of paper towels! Once in there, I was disappointed that they had gotten rid of the fancy towels, and traded them for the more popular, car drying towels. Still, these had the name of the restaurant written on them! I wanted everyone to know we had just finished dining with the elite, so I naturally needed a photo to show proof!

The only problem was, I was going to have to ask one of those elite people to take a picture of my friend and I in the ladies bathroom! I probably seemed overly eager, while she giggled in partial disbelief! The dining patron was more than happy to take the photo, but may have grown tired after the second or third shoot! Did my friend give in to peer pressure, or did she really want to do it? I guess its neither here nor there, because either way, she did it!

I have come to realize that I peer pressure people into doing ALOT of things they may, or may not, normally agree to……. Dressing up in questionable outfits….taking photos with Santa…..planking in risky areas…..making butts with your elbows (something that my fabulous mother taught me, and is spreading like wildfire)…..playing the game of poor pussy….dressing in matching shirts….eating tiny pieces of corn…taking photos in pyramid formations….starting rock bands……the list goes on and on!!

Today, my good friend and I went pajama shopping for a Christmas party that is coming up. THIS friend of mine spends enough of her free time with me, that she no longer needs to be peer pressured by me! I think she'd just rather do it, than listen to me! Plus now, she comes up with the ideas on her own….Her brain is kind of an extention to my own brain functioning, which I appreciate! Today, we not only got our pictures taken with Santa, in matching Santa shirts, we also took selfies of ourselves in matching feeties PJ's! There was no shame when it came to worries about sales clerks coming in, while we switched dressing room stalls, in search of the biggest mirror! There was no shame in being grown women and being photographed in matching feeties with reindeer hoods! There was no shame!

We giggled all day!…..Perhaps the people around us were not! However, I'm a true believer that we don't have to stop being silly just because we are getting older!

I may “peer pressure” people ALOT, but its clear to me that I DEFINATELY use MY peer pressure for good and not evil! πŸ™‚




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