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Joyeux Noel!…..(Merry Christmas in French)

In case you didnt know, I'm mostly American. However, this weekend it became clear to me, and a handful of others, that I must have French roots in my heritage…..Maybe due to one of my great great grandfathers having an affair with a French maid or something, during the Hundred years war? Either way, whether I have mostly French or American genes, I know how to host a successful French party!

Here was the set up….

A French wine tasting, christmas themed, pajama party was about to take place. Guests were only to bring French wine and French cuisine, meaning that they actually had to do some work to prepare.

The appropriate attire for this party…..Christmas pajamas. I didnt make anyone buy pajamas made from France……First off, because that would be too tricky, but mostly because I feel bad for all those small children having to work in clothing factories over there, and I didnt want us to support this ritual. šŸ™‚ This idea ended up being perfect too, because people had risked their lives driving in a snow storm to get to this fabulous French fiesta! šŸ™‚ If they needed to stay over, they were already dressed for a slumber party! Everyone had a nice selection of pjs on, showing each of their fabulous personalities, and I got to shine in my Spanx and grinch underwear….plus the christmas cat scarf that I won at last years party.

I admit, I had trouble with the French wine! Everytime I have a wine tasting party….I lose! I never get to take home the extra wine, and I never hear the precious words “I really enjoyed your selection of wine Tia”! This year, I decided that I was going to taste a bunch of French wines prior to selecting the bottle for the party! It was a serious struggle! I bought 4 different bottles of French wines, all of which tasted like A**! I Even dumped one whole bottle out, which is unheard of in this house! The last one was best, so I had to choose it. I Only hoped that everyone else's wine was horrible too! Maybe French wine is bad?!……WRONG! I guess I should have tasted more wines! I was last again!

French cuisine, on the other hand…..actually on the same hand, is questionable! Maybe we were just trying too hard to be French chefs, but I struggled with getting my American palate to turn French! I also trialed my french cooking on my children, prior to the party. Four out of six of us were dry heaving on the French truffles I made, yet I still made it for the party……because it was French. I was starting to worry that all of our cuisine would be gross, so I had a back up plan…..Chips and French onion dip, and French Onion sunchips! While we did get into the dip, it wasnt necessary! I was pleased that my friends are so crafty, and the cuisine was fabulous!!! Baguettes with dipping oil, petit fours, zesty tempanade, eclairs, fancy cheeses with apples and honey, and of course more French dip and tiny snacks!

We had a nice white elephant like gift exchange. Each gift was to be filled with “favorite items” from each of us. It was a way for us to try a product that one of our beloved friends used. It was interesting to see what some of our friends use on a daily basis! While I filled mine with razors, hair products, and 6 packs of granny panties, other people's favorite things were a little surprising and entertaining….. and their gifts were stolen on way more occasions than mine (which was zero)! Just when you think you know a person????!……. šŸ™‚

We followed the gift giving with a our pre-prepared would you rather questions…..which are always a hoot! I don't know where these girls come up with these questions?! Some of these girls aint right….if you know what I mean?! šŸ™‚

After talking a little more about the “favorites” items, they went on their way. I was happy to have sent them with parting gifts of French nature….A fancy wine glass, with a wine charm that I designed myself, and a sock monkey wine cover, that my family made for each of them to enjoy this holiday season. These are DEFINATELY gifts that keep on giving!

The day after, I was sitting in a snow globe of sorts……glass surrounded me from every side but the floor. The sun was blaring down into my eyes, and the sound of angelic children from the children's choir were shouting “Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane”. With squinted eyes and my lips pursed, I listened to every bell and whistle in the background, and wished so badly that I had taken a few more sips of water the night before. It was a punishment I was meant to endure….one that I'm certain to never learn from!

However, I still found myself going over the highlights from the night before! I was so grateful for the fabulous friends that I have. I love that they heed to most of my unorthodox commands, and they let me bossy to a certain extent. Mostly I love that they play my silly games, and laugh along with me when it comes to my neuroses of wanting it done “my way”! I love that they risked their lives traveling in a snow storm to get here, and that they made their best attempts at being French! It was another successful year, in my opinion!

Now……we just got to learn the language!……:)….

Love you ladies! Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “Joyeux Noel!…..(Merry Christmas in French)

  1. Now I’m really mad my invite got lost in the mail.

    How far is Indianapolis and Minneapolis? They sound similar so they must be nearby? šŸ˜‰ A good friend of mine who is French and teaches French is moving there this dimmer. He can teach you. He used to work for Chanel and is all fancy. You’d live him. He’s big into country music and cowboys though. Lol.

    • I could use him for sure, but by summer I will have moved on to a Ukrainian wine tasting party! Then I will need to learn that language. While you travel all these places in real life, I pretend to know what I’m doing by having themed wine tasting parties. Plus….if you hang out with me, I fear I would bring an end to your sobriety! I can’t live with that!!!!! I feel it would be best to do healthy things together, like eat celery and shakes made of greenery, then follow it up with a run in our fancy Ukrainian underpants……any interest in that? I guarantee no one else would raise their hand for that in my group! šŸ™‚ I do wish you could have been at the French party! You would have meshed right in! I just know it! šŸ™‚

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