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First, Next, Then, and After That……

After walking past the poop, on the light switch plate in the boys bathroom, several times this morning, I considered cleaning it off. I also considered the fact that if visible poop is there, how much was floating around my house unseen, threatening to be eaten or rubbed into an eye or nose at any point, without knowing it? Then, I woke my children up for school.

After calming my daughter down, because she was convinced that the upstairs toilet had started flushing on its own, by the hands of a ghost….AND after reprimanding my son for not finishing or turning in his book report on Friday, it was thankfully time to go to school.

After walking them down to the school in the snow, I made my way back home, and began to consider going for a run today. I was freezing, so I thought to myself that I should warm up for a moment, before I left for the gym. When I came to the gate of my home, I noticed it was open. The stupid dog ran away again….for the third day in a row.

After seeing the dog four houses down, I began to call the dog, knowing full well that my voice would only make her run in the opposite direction. Grr! She is about a hundred years old, and has no business going that far, because she can't hardly move to get back! I called again, and she moved further away! I proceeded to do a full sprint, through the back of all of my neighbors yards, while wearing a below the knee winter coat, and a full set of enormous snow boots! When I reached her, she acted like she couldn't move her legs! I however, assured her that she would be walking, as I tugged at her collar. She would take a few steps of her own behind me, before she would look at me again, and veer off! Finally, I'd had it! I grabbed her collar and ran her the rest of the way home!

After shutting the gate behind us, my heart rate was elevated, I was winded, and I was no longer feeling cold! I made my way in the door, and shook all of the snow from my soaked clothes. I got home just in time to get the phone call from my daughter, saying she forgot her lunch, and could I just walk it back down to her? Ha!…. Not right now! It seemed like noon, but my clock read 9:05am!

After I sat on the couch for a minute, I had almost talked myself out of my run! I had instead become focused on the pounding headache that was beating directly in tune with my heart! My friend was texting me, asking if I would go to this cool wine store with her, which is something I would never turn down. I mentioned to her that I was considering a run, but I wasn't sure! That little sweetie responded by saying “Go…you'll feel better! Then we will go after”! It was precisely the encouragement I needed!

After getting through about half of my run, my head stopped pounding. In my periphery, I could see a lady that looked as though she was going through chemotherapy…though I could be wrong. She was walking on the treadmill, she was very thin, and her head was shaved short. I found myself reminded of my Mama P. I looked over at her a few times throughout my run, and for the first time since my mamas death, I ran without crying.

After finishing the run, I headed for the door. That same lady was standing at the front counter. She automatically turned to me, when I approached the door. She smiled big at me, and said “That wore you out didnt it”? The lady had the kindest eyes, and I smiled back, thinking of my Mama! She chatted with me for a second, before saying “Hey, you have a really great day”! I left there feeling eerily uplifted and happy!

After my friend picked me up, we visited two different cool wine spots, and we both founds gems to take home. We ate lunch, giggled, and played the day away. My day was shaping up by the moment.

After I picked my kids up from school, I was certain I would be fighting with them all night to get things done…..but I didnt! Each of them stayed on task, and had their stuff done within an hour. It was the first time in awhile that I haven't driven myself and them crazy in the evening! We ate together, and then giggled as we danced and sang in the kitchen to Lionel richie songs!

After they helped me clean the kitchen, they went to play…without fighting! They left me alone with my thoughts……and I felt fabulous!

After being sure that I would have a horrible day to start, I was proven wrong!

Now……After pouring myself my evening glass of wine……I'm holding it high in the air! Cheers to a good day!







15 thoughts on “First, Next, Then, and After That……

  1. It is great to look back at a good day and just be grateful! BTW slΓ‘inte is an Irish gaelic word too. So as I’m drinking…. guess what I’m saying?

    • I really do to! I found that picture, it wasnt mine. However I would like the sign so if they wiped and dint wash, that they know to us the switch on the right. If they washed, they use the switch on the left! πŸ™‚

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