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To Nap….or NOT to Nap?

Do you ever get into our pajamas at 5 pm? It seems like it gets dark earlier and earlier, making me feel like its bedtime, far before the real time.

These winter days seem to drag on so long, at times. I tell myself frequently, that I have seasonal affect disorder, a sort of winter time depression. I wake up, and want to take a nap because its cold. If I don't take a nap then, I want to take a nap at noon, and if I don't take a nap then, I want to take one in the afternoon.

I'm not only tired, but I'm sick. I always have a headache, or a sore throat, or clogged ear drums, or a stuffy nose. Really, I think I make this happen so I can justify a nap.

I get tired of getting stuck in the house, with my only expectations to be cleaning the house, doing the laundry, watering the plants, cleaning the house, emptying the trash, washing the dishes, cleaning the house, and then doing some more laundry! It's monotonous and it gets old! It makes me just want another nap, under the warm blankets, which I will eventually have to wash!

The only real highlights are when I get to go to the grocery store, or walk to and from school, prior to all hell breaking loose in my home, when the children arrive in the afternoon! My tolerance is low, and my attitude is poor during this season! I need sunshine…..and most of all I need a nap!

I have a list a mile long of what needs done. Gifts need bought, meals need planned, party's need invitations, my house needs cleaned, and laundry needs done! I have the time, but I lack the motivation!

What does a person do to cure themselves of this disease?!

Well, they plan other things on top of that list! Things that are not erasing items off of the already made list, but are actually adding to them.

I have attempted to fill in every day I can, from here until Christmas, so I can do anything other than what's expected of me, which in turn, keeps me from taking my depressed person nap! My friends have, so far, been very accommodating! 🙂

I have gone shopping for things I don't need, I have done lunches, gone to breweries, hit a winery, and gone to brunch instead of lunch. I love my friends, and feel so grateful for them every day! They entertain me and keep me from wallowing in deep despair. 🙂

Here's how it causes more issues at home….

When I decide to meet my friends for lunch, I have to find an adequate outfit to wear. That means, I need to change out of my sweat pants…..most of the time! In the process of doing that, I inevitably pull 5-6 outfits out of my closet, and then proceed to throw them down on the floor or across the room, if I feel I look frumpy or fat in it. Since I wait until the last minute to get ready, I have no extra time, or desire to pick them back up before I leave. After a few days of this, there are more clothes on the outside of my closet than inside.

I could actually start a load of laundry before I leave, but I usually have tried my boots on, prior to going down the stairs, and I never feel like its safe to balance dirty clothes, while walking in heels. This means the laundry stays in the basket. I would fold a load, but that would mean I would risk getting lint on the outfit I worked so hard to put together. I would do the dishes, but I don't want to get grease on my hands, and accidently rub my eyes and smear my makeup!

I simply don't want to clean. Instead of feeling guilty though, I remind myself that I am at least not taking a nap! So, I wait until the kids get home, and dole out the duties! Afterall, aside from my horrid room, its their mess anyway! They moan, but if they work together, it takes no more than 15 minutes to tidy up!

This has made me even lazier!

The thing is, even if I am feeling tired and lazy, I still want to find energy to say thank you during this holiday season! So I say Thank You to my fabulous friends, who play with me frequently, keeping me from doing my chores, and otherwise keeping me sane! Then, I say thank you to my family for doing the chores I've left behind!

The moral of this story……Children are capable of doing more than we think they can! 🙂



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  2. I am pleased to tell you that I’ve awarded you a star for the Blog of the Year Award 2013! There’s no obligation to accept, I understand completely if you don’t. Anyway, thanks for reading and liking my blog “Dancing with Fireflies” I appreciate your support. For details about the award, please see my post about it

    Have a Happy Holiday and All the best for you on the New Year!! Crysta

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