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People Make the World Go Round

Have you ever had one of those days that make you feel overwhelmed with gratefulness for what you have? Maybe you watched a newscast about a catastophe in another country, or learned something horrible that happened to a complete stranger. Maybe you read something in the newspaper that proved to be devastating for an unknown family or child. OR…Perhaps you have come across a personal friend or family member, who is struggling with far more than you can even begin to comprehend……

In any event, these are the days we feel lucky and blessed for what we have…. These are the days we want to run home and hug our children and tell them over and over how much we love them…. These are the days that we refuse to be bothered by the petty, unimportant things in our lives….

That is….until something bothers us enough to change our minds!

My day started just as I previously described….. I had witnessed something worse than my own grief/worries, and I was feeling humbled and blessed. Nothing was going to bring me down today!

However, the first test of my sentiment came only a couple hours after I had made my decision to feel lucky. I realized I was still feeling tired and run down….. even after 2 cups of coffee, and after being officially awake for 3 hours. I thought to myself that 6am was too early to have to wake, and I was already wishing for a tiny nap. Then, I remembered my earlier feeling. I had to immediately remind myself that I was ONLY going to feel grateful today….. AND really, I was lucky to be awake at all! I could be in a coma…or have narcolepsy…or be catatonic….

So, it didn't take long until I was back on track!

…..Until a couple more hours passed by. Then I found myself complaining about my dripping nose, and the pressure building behind my eyes either due to allergies or this head cold that wont let go! I was droning on to a friend of mine for some time, before I again recalled the lives of the people who were suffering the loss of way more important things, than the use of their sinuses. I again told myself that I should consider myself lucky to even have eyes or a nose. I could have been born with facial anomalies, or I could have had my face eaten off by my friends pet monkey, like I saw in the news… I decided to be satisfied with the head cold….and continued to be grateful.

The problem with this cycle of being grateful/not being grateful, is that eventually something big enough comes along to make you forget about being grateful, and makes you forget about the initial unfortunate event all together! Something always brings us back to our own pathetic worries and complaints……

As you may have guessed, something brought me back to my pathetic reality today….Something unexpected! It happened in the bathroom, only a small time after my last complaint. I was already getting worn down when it came to my feelings of gratefulness. I took a moment to rest on the pot in privacy, while ridding of all of the caffeine I had ingested earlier. After finishing, I reached for the industrial quality toilet paper, but quickly realized it was fresh out…..AT LEAST on one side.

I have never in my life had to move the plastic piece on the toilet paper roll, from one side to the other, to free up the fresh new roll. Today was my day to shine! However, just as I've overheard loved ones and complete strangers say in passing…..those plastic pieces DO NOT MOVE!!

I tried everything to get it to slide over, aside from physically breaking it off. I had spent far too long in this one toilet bathroom, and I was honestly beginning to panic. I considered getting some paper towel, but I would have to risk dripping urine across the seat and floor to get to it. I considered dripping dry, but couldn't fathom going to work all day, with partially soiled garments. So, I went back to the plastic piece.

I was able to move the plastic over enough, that I was able to fit two fingers in far enough to grab the end of the new roll. I pulled….and got a tiny sliver of 1 ply. Then, I tried again…and again…and again…. Until finally, I was beginning to feel like a guinea pig gathering paper for my nest. I had absolutely had it.

A few more attempts, and I was left with a half handful of shredded paper. I decided this would have to do. Rest assured, what the paper didn't absorb, my hand more than made up for. Needless to say, my heightened feelings of awareness and gratefulness and lovingness were gone…..

This may seem like a tragic end, to what may have otherwise seemed like a sentimental day, but it wasn't at all! Somewhere, somebody is reading my tragic story, and has decided to feel grateful for their own lives today. People sure do make the world go around…..don't they?


8 thoughts on “People Make the World Go Round

  1. Madam, you do know that you were probably filmed by the manufacturer of the thing and likely to be shown to a bunch of monkey engineers who are, by now, working hard to make it even harder for humans to get those toilet papers out!

    • Funny, I had considered that the whole time I was in there, refusing to give up! I only hope people can learn something from my trials and tribulations:)

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