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I am a true believer in the fact that our bodies tell us that we have been overinduging, long before we chose to accept the information. As I tried to pull my baggie jeans over my upper thighs today….the true reality set in. I have decided to no longer blame it on the salty food I may have ingested the night before. I will no longer blame it on the need for more water, as to increase my metabolism, and I most importantly, will stop willing my mentstrual cyle to come, to rid of my hormonal water weight! Its gone beyond all this.

I sady have to admit that I have definately taken part in the celebrating this season. As you all well know, I find reasons to celebrate often, creating an atmosphere of happiness, instead of sadness. However, during the actual holiday season, there seems to be more food and wine, than is offered during the rest of the year. Usually, I am good at diverting my attention away from the food, and take pride in the fact that I can say no. This year, I made up for all of the previous years put together.

Every time I walked past a cookie, or fudge, or cake, or treats covered in powdered sugar, I would eat it. Even if I didnt like it on first bite, I would still finish it off. Since Thanksgiving, I have not stopped eating….or growing for that matter, but I always blame it on something else. This weekend though…..I hit rock bottom.

I made my way to my brothers this weekend, for our final family Christmas this year. Each person brought their own fatty item of food, and as each item was displayed, I tried it out. I made 3 full laps around the island, sampling each item as I passed, before all of the guests had even arrived. Then, even though I was full, I made a full plate of food, after everyone did arrive. I didnt want anyone to be offended, if I didnt try their enteree.

When I made my way to platter that held the “back strap” of the deer, I knew something was wrong. After slathering it with horseradish sauce, I ate that backstrap as though I had been stuck at the bottom of a well for days, and would goble anything down, just short of a dirt sandwich. I even contemplated going hunting, clad in cammo and a bow and arrow, just to get my hands and mouth back on the likes of this declicacy!! I was ashamed at the display of gluttony I was showing, but not enough to stop eating it. I had officially eaten my weight in BACKSTRAP!!!

I followed that with a slice of sugar creme pie, some cookies, and a few greek olives, before finally deciding to rinse it down with a nice selection of red wine. The only thing I didnt eat was a pickle….the only health conscious item on the table.

Eating all of these high calorie and high sugar foods is not only bad for your body though. Its also horrible for your brain. After I got my blood sugar beefed up into the 300s, thats when I started making mistakes that I normally wouldnt make. For instance, I began eating more food. Then my voice became loud, and I started frequently finding things funnier than they were, then would belt out with cackling laughter. Then, most importantly, I began to accidentally tell my, hopefully soon to be new teenage nephew, that he looked good in his jeans, and then told him how much I love him. My intent was to make him feel included and loved, but I fear I may just have appeared to be a creepy old aunt! Again, I blamed it on the backstrap!!

I didnt stop there though. The next night, I hosted yet another wine tasting party….Italian in nature. The food that came to my table was phenomenal, as were the tasty wines that we paired with it. I ate more than my share of meatballs, pastas, breads, pestos, and ORGASMIC artichokes wrapped in bacon (which are not nearly as healthy as they seem). All these things could cause swelling, with all of the salt the body had to absorb, but so were the 4,000 calories that went in along with it….. Plus, my elevated blood sugar made me look foolish again, as I went to far with my “would you rather” questions, around my new wine party friends. Apparently, the ones I ask are too hard to answer! πŸ™‚

When I awoke the next day feeling bloated and crappy, I new it was time for a change. I needed to stop blaming anyone other than myself. The thing is, I hate the idea of waiting until New Years to make a change. I think you should change, when you need to change. Unfortunately, its the New Year….AND Now Im going to have to look foolish. I fully intend to start my exercise routine and my good eating habit routine, on the first day possible. Since it cant be the first, it definately starts the 2nd!!!!






8 thoughts on “ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE

  1. I too have over indulged and am making a change, but since I am not going to celebrate new years i guess mine started last night. HA HA i beat you Tia, you are going to be 3 days behind me all year. HAHAHA πŸ™‚

  2. TartanJogger says:

    Oh, oh, I hear ya, I really do! I’ll join in after yet another weekend of family celebrating – roll on Monday!

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