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Its Never Meant To Be…..

As I raggedly drug myself to bed, I reminded myself that I had only a couple more days of sleeping in, before the kids go back to school. I am a person who loves sleep, so I was smiling the entire way to bed. The best part of this scenario comes when the children actuallly allow you to do this, but the worst part is the fact that it rarely happens. Something always interrupts my sleep!

Its been an active week with the holidays. After planning and hosting the wine party Sunday, I happily volunteered to take my nephews for a couple of days. Its exhausting trying to make 6 children happy, let alone trying to keep your house relatively cleaned up. We knew we were going to be throwing our own New Years party…Renee and I, the six kids, and our neighbor friends (if they felt up to it). So, after getting the planning committee together, we devised a party planning list.

This meant we needed supplies….This meant we had to go out on New Years Eve….This meant I was taking all of them to the store…alone…with no adult chaperone!

Really, they weren't too horrible, when envisioning what COULD have happened. However, none of them would stay on one side. They might as well have held hands across the aisle, because they were blocking everyones path. Even though I knew everyone who was out on this day would be happy to be out, and would be overly nice and accommodating to all the people in their same boat, I was wrong. 🙂 People were sighing in an obvious aggresive manner, and when they found a tiny gap to get by us, they would tear past us, acting as though they were in some sort of race, and then would swing their head violenty back at me, to make it clear to me that we were all agitating to the world around us!!!

I felt like I was reprimanding them constantly. Some of them would argue, yelling loudly that it wasnt them, and others would be bossing and telling. I only needed a few items on their list, but it took me 4 stores to get our desired result…and even then I didnt get everything. I knew The Lord was testing and laughing at me, so I decided (after taking a deep breath and singing the entire National Anthem), to smile back up at him. Afterall, one day, Im sure I would find this situation amusing.

Once we arrived home, and placed all of their gems in their desired places, we started on their food list. Nachos for dinner…check. Veggie tray and dip…check. Summer sausage, cheese and cracker platter…check. Bowl of pretzels…check…..7up and fake champagne chilling…check. The kids all worked together, to make these platters, and were pleased with their results….all the while cracking theirselves up by calling them “bladders” instead of platters. They were in charge of their own party!

Once this was all set up, it was time to move on to their activity list. They had a list for the entire day….until midnight, of games and events that would happen…..

We started with a New Years music video. After several practice rounds, and a full dress rehearsal, we had a full choreographed dance video, with 2 singers, a drummer, a guitarist, and 2 back up dancers. Other than a fight over whose dance moves we were going to use, and who would get to drum, and which outfits we would be wearing, and who was annoying who, and who farted, and who hit who in the eye…..It was relatively painless. The video was a hit…and it only took two hours! Unfortunately, that meant we ONLY had 7 more hours until midnight, and I was already exhausted! Games, games, and more games, was all that was left on their list.

Im always up for a board game or two, but how many games should a parent have to endure, in a 7 hour period, even if you DID tell them it was their party?!!!!!!…….The night began to drag…..

Luckily our neighbor friends did come over, with their children. Our own children then became bored with us, and made their way elsewhere to play hide and seek! The adults sipped wine and chatted, but the midnight hour was still only slowing making its way. I knew I had to awake in the morning for work at 5:30, so that was making me want to go to bed even more…but I promised!

When midnight came, I was glad I had stayed up. The children were happy, and there were memories made. I made it to work fine, though just a bit tired….Certainly nothing I couldnt live through for a day.

This brings me back to sleeping in today. It was when I returned home from work last night, that I was so looking forward to sleeping in. All of the elements were working out. My children were sleeping in late, there was a snow storm outside to make it darker, and my bed was nice and cozy. However, why are these days, ALWAYS the days, that I need to urinate in the morning? I tried to ignore it, and turned to a more comfortable position. In the mean time, my spine and hips hurt from sleeping too long. I chose to ignore that too, lifting my knee slightly and placing a pillow here and a pillow there….. It was no use. I had to run to the bathroom, and I was getting contractures…..

SIgh…..I guess it just wasn't meant to be…… 🙂



14 thoughts on “Its Never Meant To Be…..

  1. HEY TIA after seeing those people sigh you should have huddled all the kids and told them to run up to that person down the aisle and who ever screams happy new year the loudest, gets extra candy and junk food. Now that would have been awesome.

    You did handle all of this as an adult and i really must commend you for it. you are more of an adult than i will ever be. that is a compliment

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  3. Ha ha. Poor you. I am exhausted with all this partying and visiting. Monday can’t come soon enough. That is really Murphys law!
    Happy New Year to you and all yours, I don’t remember ever being so delighted to say goodbye to a year.Here’s to 2014

    • Happy new year to you as well! I hope both of our years are better this year! I would love for you to watch the video I posted after this blog! It’s the first one I’ve figured out how to post….plus, it will give you a real idea of how our choreographed dance really went! Lets just say, I dressed the part! 🙂 Cheers to a good 2014!

      • Oh Sweet Lord, I looked and saw and “wow”. Great video, If a picture paints a thousand words that video must be a novel. 🙂

  4. I feel your contractures! I try my best to ignore them because I know that as soon as they are acknowledged, somewhere a trigger goes off in my brain that makes it almost impossible to get to the bathroom in time, and by then…the day has started. The dog has to go pee too, and hubby wants coffee…:( whatchagonnado?

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