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Buying Bread for the Blizzard

Here comes the blizzard… the blizzard that meteorologists technically cant call a blizzard, so instead say there will be blizzard like conditions. This blizzard is being compared to the horrible blizzard of ’78, one of the worst ones that my fellow Hoosiers can recall in our lifetimes….yet it cant be called a blizzard. It doesnt meet all the criteria to classify!

Not unlike the preparation for the end of the world, a few years back, people have theirselves in a tizzy! The first thing that comes to anyones mind in a situation like this is…..WE NEED MILK AND BREAD!!!

For days, the grocery store parking lots have been packed full, gas stations have lines, and people are willing to fight complete strangers for that last bag of bread, or gallon of milk. Afterall, how will they feed their families after this blizzard hits?

Seriously, this is highly comical to me. Nothing would get me to go into a grocery store during a time like this. How long will we be stuck at home after the blizzard anyway… a day…maybe 2? The thing is, the year is 2014. We actually have snow plows, and trucks, and a city plan. We will make it out!

I can say with almost complete certainty, that most of those people clearing the stores of bread, have enough food in their home to live a couple of days, and most likely weeks thereafter. The ones that don’t have food stocked, most likely still cant afford to get it now, so you know who are the ones doing the shopping. Really, If you cant get a gallon of milk or loaf of bread, how about busting out a can of kidney beans, beets, or maybe a can of tuna. Dig deep and make yourself some oatmeal, or soup, or bust out that bag of lentils that has been in your cabinet for ages. Maybe eat your cereal without milk, or eat turkey without bread….It all seems so crazy!!

I was listening to people at work today tell me about their experiences in the grocery stores, over the last few days. They talked about long lines, about how there was nowhere to park their carts, and about how the items that they went for, were wiped clean off the shelf!! They told me that they waited longer than 40 minutes to check out…even in the express lane. More than half the people I talked to, had been to the grocery store themselves. However, none of them went because of the impending storm, but simply because they needed milk and bread. πŸ™‚ One girl went for milk and bread, but since both of those were out, she instead stood in line, for the same 40 minutes, for wine, a case of beer, and cupcakes.

Now that was more up my alley!! I began contemplating things I would be getting, if I went to the store to prepare for the storm. It wouldn’t be for the same things that the majority of these people were getting…thats for sure. MY things would be important.

….I would buy kerosene for a space heater, since I know we are supposed to have wind chill temps of 40 degrees below zero, and I know there is a risk for furnaces to break down. I would buy a case of water, just in case the pipes froze and we needed drinks. Several bottles of wine would be thrown in, in case we were stuck more than the two days I predict. Other than that, the only other things that I could think would be necessary…..and even then, I would only throw them in the cart, as I hauled ass to the counter of least resistance…..would be a ski mask, long johns, and some new mascara (because Im out).

So, I sent Renee to the store for the basics. She got the kerosene, the wine, and even bought a new space heater. She had given in, and bought a couple loaves of bread and a gallon of milk. What surprised me the most though, was that she had bought two bags of potatoes! She told me the horror stories of the grocery store, and how everything was about gone. She said that she couldnt believe all of the potatoes were gone, and couldnt figure out why everyone wanted them. I cleared my throat, and said “Didnt I notice a couple of bags of potatoes in your load”?

Shamefully, and with her head down, she said “I know we didnt need them, but there were only two bags left, and I felt I was missing out on something…So I took the last 2 bags”!!!!

I laughed outwardly. This is how it happens…. We scare each other by our actions, and by the threats of what could happen. I myself, was beginning to fear looters!! Renee fell into the same spell of all of these crazy people….and I had to pull her back to reality. She’s lucky to have me….

I think that everytime a predicted storm, a catastrophe, or threat of the end of the world comes, these grocery stores should jack up the price of a gallon of milk to $20, a loaf of bread to $10, and maybe even charge a fee for parking. This way only the rich and strong will survive. The survival of the fittest, if you will. I would just be interested to see how many people would suffice for a couple of days with a can of green beans….then get milk and bread when the snow is plowed.

Sigh…I only hope that after all of this venting, that my sweet neighbors will be willing to lend us a cup of milk or a couple of slices of bread, if we end up stranded for weeks on end. πŸ™‚

But on a serious note…please pray for all the homeless people, people without heat, and all of the outdoor animals during this peudoblizzard…..40 below is alot to be concerned about. I feel so grateful for what I have!!…….:)


14 thoughts on “Buying Bread for the Blizzard

  1. Tia, I feel your pain! I too heard all the buzz the last few days and remain perplexed by it all! I mean seriousy, it IS winter! I have resisted the urge to stockpile, however I needed a med filled ( insulin) and thought hell, I don’t want to be out in the cold(remember winter) so I will go to Wally World after the wackos go home and get it. It was unbelievable! This co manager guy was running around wild eyed and filling shelves at the entryway with de icer, shovels, hand warmers etc as fast as he could go. He seemed shocky by what he had been through today. I fully expect him to be treated with PTSD later this week. We do not have a super center, just a regular ol Sam Walton beginner model. He spoke of all 21 registers running and all with long lines into the clothing sections. Way worse than Christmas! I agree most of us can live off the old crap in our cabinets and can stand to lose a pound if denied a few days. Please people try to remember it is winter! The time of year it snows! When as kids we walked 12 miles in the snow uphill both ways, just to get to school! Get your panties out of a bunch and move on! P.S. I did buy a box of the hand warmers to give my employees!

  2. TartanJogger says:

    The grocery store shopping before impending bad weather, Christmas, etc has always puzzled me too, it’s crazy stuff!

    • After writing this, I saw a video on YouTube of a man flipping out over milk and bread with the upcoming storm…. He was being funny, but that’s exactly how people act!! πŸ™‚

  3. Wow, I suppose it’s good there’s a state of emergency in your town. Yikes. And God knows, you gotta have mascara for the storm! LOVE it! Here’s to the essentials–and anyone with ANY sense of style knows eye makeup is one of them. You are awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment today–

    Blogging from Ecuador,

    • Kathy,

      Every woman should know that the secret to surviving a storm….especially if you have children, is wine and eye makeup! The makeup will mask your glossy eyes. However, the women these days are still so concerned with bread and milk!!! Its 2014…you know?! Thanks for stopping by here too! πŸ™‚

      blogging from the inside of a home, during a blizzard in Indiana.


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