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An Exhausting Moment In the Spotlight…..

As I have been stuck at home for this week, due to freezing temperatures, I have found myself watching the Today show more frequently. This is partially due to the fact that I have been sleeping in, and the local news is off by the time I rouse with my coffee, and the rest of the reasoning is based on the fact that I have always loved this show.

Its not the Matt Lauers or Natalie Moraleses that I find fascinating though. Its Kathy Lee and Hoda that I long to watch…..especially on wine day Wednesday. What time must their shift start anyway…5am? I love that they are always sipping on cocktails, before many people have even considered breakfast…. I love that Kathy Lee never gets tired of hearing her own song belt out over the studio, despite the fact that it really isnt all that wonderful…..And like today, I love when they wear matching dresses, and invite workout gurus to the show…..and that they have no shame in doing the exercises that were taught to them, while wearing these dresses. They say pretty much what they want, and they laugh throughout the whole show.

Despite the fact that this is probably not the true reality of their lives, I have always thought that this would be a perfect job for me. I sadly admit that I had, at one point, become a little “star struck”! The only difference between me, and other idol worshiping people, is that Im not exactly one of those people who would cry and wave my hands if I saw my hero up close. I wouldn't tear at their clothes, and I certainly wouldn't stalk them, or write them threatening letters made from crafty, well designed words, cut out of the newspaper.

I would be the type of person that would hang around the common areas they frequent, in hopes that they would hear me tell a funny joke, or do a fancy dance…. Then, when they noticed me, they would be surprised to see, that I too, just so happened to be wearing the same matching dress they were wearing….making it appear to be fate. Then naturally, their next step would be to offer me a job. The truth is, I do not find it nearly as fascinating to have the opportunity to meet them, as I find it to simply share their spotlight!

As luck would have it, a few years ago, my mother and I decided to give it a go. We fulfilled our dreams, by taking a long weekend trip to New York City, with the intent of not only getting on TV, but with the hopes of becoming stars.

We always seem to be in the right place at the right time. First, we got ourselves a fancy place to stay, simply by knowing the family of a friend. It was a multimillion dollar high rise apartment, overlooking the Hudson, and Kelly Ripas apartment. Other than our suitcases being a little janky and taped together, we already looked the part of stars. Next…it was time to shine.

We made our way to the Today show, when it was still dark, hoping to get a good spot up front. However there was a BonJovi concert happening that day, so we weren't the only ones who had those thoughts. After enduring the bitter cold, in that mass of people, and hearing the music, but only seeing the backs of heads…we decided to start our own journey. As soon as we rounded the corner to the back side of the Today show building, we saw Al Roker, with the Rockefeller Christmas tree!

As much as I love Kathy Lee and Hoda, my mom loves Al Roker. She began talking to him, and shooting photos of him. He waved at her, and when he bent to tie his shoe, she still photographed his backside. The only problem was that she wouldnt stop following him when the show started filming. Her hair got stuck in the tree as the truck rounded the corner, and security had to remove her before she was live on TV!

This wasn't our only brush with fame. We got to view ourselves behind the Today show window, while Kathy Lee and Hoda were on, for about one full second, before security removed us again, after about the sixth time. Later that day, we found ourselves on the movie set of the “Tower Heist”! We were just chatting and eating bagels, when a man asked if we were part of the movie. When we looked up, there was Ben Stiller and Alan Alda, walking directly in front of us. They didnt let us stay on the set, but we immediately got the same idea! We would be extras in the movie….

We stayed for a few takes, but grew bored and moved on to our next chance for fame. Later that night, we got asked to be in the background for a local newstation, while they talked about the lighting of the Rockefeller tree! The answer was obvious….ABSOLUTELY!!

We were only there for three days. While we did touristy things like see the 911 spot, ride the subway, see plays, and let the poor man drive us around on the bike taxi, it was obvious that we stuck out in the crowd…we had faces of stars!

While we were taking a tour of the NBC studio, it happened. Hoda Kotb was walking past us, leaving work for the day. This is what I was waiting for the whole time….my chance to WOW her. However, my legs didnt move….My enthusiasm wasn't as great…..

It wasn't that I didnt find them as cool…because I still love the show. Its just that my mom and I lived the life of a star, in the spotlight for three whole days…. It was EXHAUSTING to exert ourselves in this fashion. Now, I just look at them with a new kind of respect. Now, if I happened to run into them on the street, I would simply give them a head nod to signify……”I know what you mean good buddy….I know what you mean”!



7 thoughts on “An Exhausting Moment In the Spotlight…..

    • Now that surprises me….you both seem like people who who me in the spotlight….much like myself?! πŸ™‚ Getting married is pretty big though…so I will consider us equals! πŸ˜‰

      Congratulations from Indiana,

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