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A Poem From Your Mother……As You Turn Another Year Older!

It seems like yesterday, but its been six years since you came to stay.

I feel both sad and happy, to think that you're turning eleven today.


There was a time that I had to duck and dodge, at the things that you threw.

You would spit and punch, and tell me I wasn't the mother that you knew!

You were so cute and little, but your heart was so worn and guarded.

You could be sweet and kind, but you still felt angry and discarded.


It took you some time, but you eventuallly calmed down.

You started to realize, we were fun to be around.

It didn't take long until we were the best of friends.

You were a boy after my own heart…a boy who pretends!


You sing and you dance, and dress up more than others,

and you feel happy and proud when you say “I have 2 mothers”.

You are awkward yet shy, but are hard to embarrass,

and still dream that a princess will rescue you from your terrace!


Smart, witty, and Funny, you have become such a catch,

but you won't win YOUR lady, in a wrestling match.

Though youre skinny and scrawny, and have no muscle in your arm,

Im sure you will make it up, with your dance moves and charm.


We've done discos, and dance videos, and dressed up for the 80s.

Everyones always amazed at how you draw in the ladies.

It wont be long until we are popping that cork,

because I still believe you're the ticket to get us to New York!


Im so glad that you play with me, and get all my jokes,

and thank you for never treating me like one of those old folks.

I know there may come a time when you dont think Im cool.

but I hope thats not true, and Im just talking like a fool.


When you first came to live here, you had a horrible lisp,

and I did nothing but giggle when you were royally pithed.

You would make me so angry, but I vowed NEVER to quit,

I never knew how much Id love you, I truly admit.


I have come to adore you, and I would have chosen no other

No one could ever make me believe, that Im not your mother.

You have worked so hard and made me so proud.

Today Im sending you more hugs than you've ever allowed!



I love you my sweet, handsome, little man…..Harley!

Happy Birthday




9 thoughts on “A Poem From Your Mother……As You Turn Another Year Older!

  1. Fantastic. A brilliant poem from a Mom. What a journey you all have traveled. You are both lucky to have found each other. Hope he has a great birthday.

    • We are a traditional unconventional family. We each have our own scars and are perfect for another! We are very lucky! Thank you for noticing….. He had a great day! 😉

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