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ODE To A Sweatsuit…..

There is something about cold weather that just makes a person want to wear sweat pants. Even if we change into our jeans momentarily, just to run to the store right quick, as soon as we are in the comfort of our own homes we say “Oh, I cant wait to get into my comfy sweat pants”!

Sweat pants are wonderful to say the least. Im not certain that they are any warmer than jeans, but they ARE more comfortable. What I find amusing though, is that this attire is strictly correlated to cold weather. In the summer, I am never dying to get out of my jean capri pants before nightfall. I am never in need of comfy attire, and I certainly dont rush to get home to find my best capri sweats. I guess since we are stuck at home lounging for days on end, we want to feel soft, cuddled, and warm.

This week, we have had 2 hour school days almost everyday, due to windchills below zero. Everyday this week, I have only wanted to wear sweatpants. I dont even want to PRETEND to get into a pair of jeans, just to change them a few hours later.

In recent times, whenever Ive made plans with a friend, I say “Can we just wear our sweatsuits”? Everytime I ask, I get a definitive “YES”!

Why do we feel the need to clarify, you may ask?! Well, because I for one, do not want to be the one showing up somewhere in a sweatsuit, sans makeup, while my friend has their best outfit on, makeup glowing, and hair done in an updo! You dont want have to risk being stared at, or be looked at as the frumpy friend…the one that always makes their friend look like a rockstar in a crowd! You have to be equals….You have to look like you are of the same caliber…. AND while you dont have to have matching sweatsuits, I believe that woud just be an added perk.

Its funny though how people view sweatsuits so differently. One person may believe sweats are just that….sweats. Others take that to mean stretch pants, stirrups, exercise pants, swooshy pants…etc. Then when you mention a sweatSUIT, the ideas get even more broad. Some take that to mean a valor matching suit, and others think of windbreaker suits. Some wear pants of one color and a sweatshirt of another, while others feel the suit must exhibit the same color. Some wear stretch pants with a long overshirt, and some think a nice pajama set will do in its place. To each their own in my opinion. I think that the only rule should be that your suit material consist of at least half cotton.

At the beginning of the week, I went to a friends to watch a movie on her couch. We agreed on sweats. I went the stretch pant route, with a long sweater over top, and a pair of house slippers that made me resemble peter pan in just the slightest. She wore sweatshorts, a tee shirt, and house slippers…… Clearly she didnt understand that it was below zero outside, despite the fact that I told her I thought frostbite had formed on both of my ears, after she made me stand outside at the Redbox, to pick out movies. Also, even though I have a large range of acceptable ideas when it comes to sweat pants, sweatSHORTS were not on that list. Luckily, we didnt go anywhere, but if we did….One of us would have been frumpy.

Today, I went to a matinee with another friend of mine, who also agreed to wear a sweatsuit. Since I was going to be outside, I wanted to wear a nice thick pair of sweatpants. The only good ones I had though, were black. I looked cute as a button, besides my staticky hair and a patch of uncovered chronic acne on my face. My friend, who is a little fancier than me, was dressed perfectly…..Sweat pants actually made of sweat material, a nice mismatched jacket to make the entire suit, and a tasteful pair of tennies to top it off. I thought of us as equals….That is, until I looked down at my sweats, after arriving at her house. There was so much dog hair on both of the legs of my pants, that I actually checked for breathing and a pulse, fearful that I had brought a whole dog along with me. Luckily, I had a lint brush with me, and was able to save the day with only minor ridicule, and we continued on as equals.

These are stories of people that follow along…People that hold up their end of the bargain….People that know and respect the rules! However there are others who dont. There are others that wait for the opportunity to outshine you….Ones that have no problem making fun of your sweatsuit, after they have promised to go along with the garb!!

A friend of mine met me for lunch last week, agreeing to wear sweatsuits (although she refused to match). I was so excited to wear my new running shoes, and since its been too cold to run, it was a perfect opportunity to don them (except for the fact that the snow drifts were to my knees, and I had white shoes!) Upon arrival, I noticed she was not wearing EVEN CLOSE to a sweat suit, but rather a cute shirt, jeggings, leg warmers, earrings, and makeup. Damnit! I was stuck. I could have just let it go, but its not in my nature. I brought it up as often as possible. Each time I looked down at my dumb white shoes, and faded yellow socks, paired with these cottons, I would become enraged again. I paled in comparison to her and she knew it…

After she denied saying it all together, and then became tired of me talking about it, she said that she doesnt even HAVE a sweatsuit! She then laughed at me and says NOBODY wears sweatsuits anymore! Then she said if I say the word SWEATSUIT one more time, that she may physically harm me!

GASP! This poor girl had no sweatsuit! What a pity….

I wonder what she changes into on a cold day?:)


13 thoughts on “ODE To A Sweatsuit…..

  1. Who doesn’t have sweat pants? Seriously, Tia, who? I know, your friend. Still, I think that deserves a post in and of itself–the catalogue of folks who don’t have the only thing to wear on a cold day!

    I’m with you. I’m a huge fan of the things, and mine are, more often than not, covered in dog hair. Thus, you and I would be equals in the hairy pants department.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. Okay, you know I just learned the other day that some people don’t consider sweat pants real pants. I had no idea! I wear them out in public all the time (when it’s cold, which only happens like every three years). But yeah, had no idea that you weren’t supposed to go out of the house in them – and since I’ve lived almost 40 years wearing them in public, I’m not changing now!

    • I don’t often wear them in public, except if I go to the gym, but sometimes the weather warrants it!!! You wear sweats whenever you want, and tell anyone that gives you a hard time……that I would rather they not! πŸ˜‰

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  4. No sweatsuits here. We have cosy pyjamas. My gang would live in them if they were let. I loved the line where you checked for a pulse as you had so much dog hair on you!

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