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Who Says….?

As I pulled tightly at my skinny jeans, working hard to get them over my thighs, I began to wonder what GENIOUS made these popular. Even more so, why do we all follow the lead, enduring the pain of putting them on, enduring the self ridicule when we look in the mirror, and most of all, enduring the real or imaginary ogling and leers of passerbys, as we embarrassingly, and uncomfortably, try to pull our long overshirts further down our backsides, to cover the very asset we are supposed to be exposing.

I felt a little rundown, when I awoke. I stared at myself in the mirror for a long minute. I still had remnants of the makeup I wore the night before, and my hair was standing straight up, in response to the large amount of lotion and hairspray I added to it, to prevent it from the static, that has become so prevalent these days. However, as I stared at myself, I realized that the static had found its way back. The truth is, even if I agreed that I looked fabulous in these skinny jeans, it would be a moot point to wear them. I needed to beautify my entire self. I needed more makeup…and alot of it. I needed to push up some areas, and pull back in others. It was exhausting just thinking about it…

At this point, I really started to think about how much of a follower I am. Really, most of the country is. Somewhere, there is SOMEONE, calling all the shots,…..Someone is telling us about what is pretty and what is not. Whoever it is, they are brilliant master manipulators, and I'd love to pick their brains for just a minute, just to see how they get us to do what they want.

Take the 80's for instance. The pegging of the bottom of the jean became very popular. Before that, we were just wearing straight leg pants. Suddenly, someone whispered down the line that we would only be beautiful, if we tightened the bottom of our jeans into a large bulky wad, so that we could see our layered slouch socks clearly. Now, generally speaking, we are fairly smart people when we dont give into coersion. In fact, we should probably be going with our first instincts!

When we all first heard, and then started to see this fashion on our own, we laughed in the faces of it. Switch…to those?….That looks stupid! However, it just takes you trying it out that first time. It takes only just one or two compliments or encouraging words. It takes one person to make you feel ugly if you dont do it. Then suddenly, you can Never leave the house without pegging them, you have to encourage your friends, and youre pleading with your mom and grandma to please just wear their pants like that….At least to your game.

I lived through the pain of the pegging, and then really struggled to let go of it. I had difficulty with the capri pant, but now couldnt imagine myself looking beautiful without them. I had no problem wearing the half shirts, but now cant imagine my shirt not covering at least part of my backside. I drug my feet for a couple good years about wearing these stupid skinny jeans, and now I know I HAVE to wear them. So far, I cant bring myself to wear those house slippers, that are meant to be dress shoes…..but Im sure its only a matter of time.

Each time a new trend comes, I hold strong to the fact that its stupid…its ugly… Yet just like everyone else, that genious works magic, and makes me believe its beautiful.

Clearly, its all perception. Take for instance, my partner Renee. When I met her, she wore ALOT of Tshirts and jeans (enough to clothe all the boys in a third world country, in my opinion). She felt comfortable…She liked the way she looked. That is, until I came around. My continuous urging for her to buy a few outfits to spruce herself up ( and I wasnt counting tucked in softball shirts), made her question her previous style. While she never got frilly by any means, she slowly increased her wardrobe with other things. At one point, I even had her in a couple of skirts, which is funny to think about now. You see, when I was around her, she was constanly complimented in those outfits…. She felt pretty. I had changed her perception of beautiful. Though that wasnt exactly my intent, we both became happier. ๐Ÿ™‚

It wasnt long though, before she ran into her old Tshirt wearing buddies, and she was wearing that skirt. She immediately became uncomfortable. This was the moment that would make or break her skirt wearing future. What happened you ask?……She was made fun of!! It irritated me a little bit at the time, but I had essentially done the same thing in the opposite manner….hadnt I? She has NEVER worn a skirt since, nor have I encouraged her to do so. She instead, found a balance….She found what made her feel beautiful.

I kind of envy her in that sense. Unless we are going somewhere special, she never worries about what to put on. Still, almost daily, she has to endure listening to me… “Does this look dumb?..Is my butt big?.. Can you see this zit even though Ive covered it with my hair?.. Which of these shoes should I wear?…These earings or these? Seriously, I irritate my own self sometimes (though not often:))

I dont pretend to have the answers, but I do know that there needs to be a change. Its no wonder women are having more difficulty getting pregnant….these skinny jeans are cutting off the blood supply to our uteruses! We need to come together ladies, face this genious, and take our old beauty back!

Until then though, Im going to finish buttoning my skinny jeans, Im going to pile on the makeup, put on my fancy earrings and necklace, pick out my best tall leather boots, find my legwarmers, don a fancy scarf, put my hair in an updo……… and so on and so forth.


7 thoughts on “Who Says….?

  1. Oh my goodness… just this morning I was online shopping for some tall boots. I’m so ashamed. I wear cowboy boots if I have to wear boots, and I wear them like a proper Texan – UNDER my jeans. But today, today I was getting sucked in! All I could think about was how cute they’d look with my new jeans, or how I could finally wear that skirt that I bought 5 years ago.
    yeah, I’m never wearing that skirt… I have no idea why I don’t donate it.
    I still want the boots…

  2. Ha! I try to imagine my ever persuading Sara to wear a skirt. Ain’t gonna happen, girl friend! But I have to laugh at the thought of my trying. For me, on a day like you describe, it’s ALLLLLL about the sweat pant. I hate tight things. But, damn, if I don’t have to lose weight.

    Hope you all are staying warm. I love the fashion posts!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Lol! I know, but I’m so tired of wearing sweatpants…though I love them. I’m sure getting Renee in a skirt, was similar to that of Sara….but I can be VERY persuasive! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Keeping in style in Indiana,


  3. Really, skinny jeans can be so uncomfortable…I wear them to college everyday, even when it’s scorching and I’m lathered in sweat in the most inconvenient areas. It would be a lot more sensible to wear loose clothing in this weather, but since when has practicality overcome the lure of fashion fads? Sigh…

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