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Arrest them!…They Could Be Armed With Propaganda!

If you werent aware before now….Russian leaders do not tolerate homosexual propaganda being showcased in their streets. The other day, I happened to be reading an issue of the PEOPLE magazine, which is the only way I stay up to date on current events, and I happened to read about the anti-gay laws that the Russian president had put in place, to prepare for the upcoming Olympics. Apparently, anyone who plans to appear gay in public….including foreigners, will be arrested and fined immediately.

To name just a few feelings that came across me, I was dumbfounded, shocked, floored, astonished, amazed, STARTLED, and suprised to say the least…..Actually, I think my response was laughter. Not because it is really hilarious, but because its idiotic. Why should we be surprised at Russian laws, when our own country is in such turmoil surrounding the topic?

This story happened to perk my interest, so I decided to look further into it. I didnt want to share a story that was completely false. I needed more facts!! What I found was not surprising….PEOPLE magazine had exaggerated. Desite the fact that many gay Russians have been arrested, bullied, and killed in their country, MR. Vladmir Putin was clear when he notified other countries that gay people were safe in their country, as long as they left the children alone….The children needed left in peace. In addition to this, Gay athletes are welcome to participate in the Olympic Games, but they must obey Russian laws, and under No circumstances, should they take their “propaganda” to the streets.

Leave the children ALONE? I wonder if any gay person had tickets to the Olympics, but then read that and thought…”Well, I was going to go, but since I cant play with the Russian children…I better stay home”! Seriously, now that I know I am assured that I wont have to be bothered by any random bratty children, I feel like that was a personal invitation to their country…It would be like a vacation. The only other thing I would have to do, is keep my propaganda off the streets…Surely I could manage that…RIGHT??

I admit, I had to look up the word “propaganda”. I wasnt sure if this was a body part that I needed to keep hidden, or if it meant I needed to leave all of my gay paraphernalia at home… Turns out, they just dont want you carrying banners, and brochures, in attempts to lure in innocent heterosexuals that are passing by. I wondered if thats what these gay athletes had in mind, before these laws were put into place. Maybe they were working their whole life trying to prepare themselves for a chance of a lifetime, planning for their one chance to have multiple countries watch them do a triple axel on the ice rink, then follow it up with a gay rally in the streets of Russia….Probably!

I have no choice but to commend their country for trying to keep their streets safe. However, I have a hunch that they have just invited alot of extreme gay activists to their country, willing to march up and down their streets in a speedo, clad with shiny nipple piercings, just to die for a good cause. I for one, will continue to watch these people be lynched from the comfort of my own couch at home.

Truthfully, we have needed these adovocates to get us to where we are today. However, like anything else, there are those who go to far. Im glad that there are people who are willing to fight for their cause, and I wish I would be more enthusiastic and interested in my own cause.

While watching the news the other day, Renee and I happened to see a small flash of a story regarding the legalization of gay marriage in our state. I turned it up, listened to it, and still didnt understand what was happening. Apparently there has been a debate going on for awhile in our state, and we havent paid the least bit of attention to it. I told her that we needed to start paying attention to this, since it could affect us for one….and for two…its getting embarrassing when heterosexual people, who are supporting our cause, ask me questions about it, and I have to say “Pardon…did you say they were legalizing gay marriage”? Or the fact that when everyone was putting the equality picture as their facebook picture, I was asking Renee what that sign was and wondered if someone had died. Its ridiculous how out of the loop we are.

I know it would be nice to have equal rights and the ability to get married if we wanted to. I guess I havent thought about it a whole lot, since I already feel married. Some people may ask “Well yeah, but what about taxes, and your children, and what would you do if you separated”?

Honestly, I dont mind claiming head of household, and I guess I have always been holding out for the Common law rules, and that whole “possession is 9/10ths of the law” thing…and so forth.

The other night, as we sat as a family watching the news, I took it upon myself to tell my kids about the Russian laws at the Olympics. They gasped and carried on, as they expected they should, then my son said “Good thing we arent going to the Olympics then”. We giggled and talked about it a while, before my oldest daughter chimed in. She said “They cant do that Mama. Its not right. Its not legal. How can they do that.”?

I laughed and said, “Well, they have their own laws dear. They can do what they want.”. My son chimed back in saying “Its a whole other country. Our laws arent the same”.

My sweet daughter responded by saying “Oh, I thought Russia was in the United States”. I fought back my urge to laugh, but it didnt matter because her younger siblings were taunting her enough with questions like “IF you could go anywhere in America where would you want to visit”?……HAHAHA….”Russia”?

Realizing that the Russian government was the least of our worries at this point, Renee leaned over and whispered into my ear…..”We probably should invest in a globe”….×251.jpg


18 thoughts on “Arrest them!…They Could Be Armed With Propaganda!

    • It is an interesting take, and thanks for sending it. The truth is though, this is a debate in every country. While some countries may not arrest gay people, they certainly have some of the same beliefs as this man….or worse! Thanks for your input, and for stopping by! πŸ™‚

  1. There’s a lot of Western propaganda about the Russian laws regarding homosexuality. Under the new law, promoting homosexual behaviour among minors carries a financial penalty. Yes it’s controversial, but when you consider Russia also have laws banning the promotion of heterosexual behaviour among minors too, it’s really not that big a deal. Essentially they have just acknowledged that heterosexuality isn’t the only sexuality on the planet! I say ‘Well done for finally catching up with the rest of the world Russia! ‘
    Although, they really need to address their approaches to sex education. I’m guessing it’s pretty difficult to teach safe sex without mentioning the sex part!

    • You make a very good point, and I do agree. I dont pretend to be wordly in my knowledge, and I clearly dont have a political agenda, since I did initially find this info in the Peope magazine, but I did read about all the issues they were having with the minors. What perked my interest more than anything though, was the fact that when the public got a hold of the information, that our government was first in fear, threatening boycotts at the Olympics, and then went the extreme opposite and picked out the very best gay athletes to be our spokesmen at the games….To prove what exactly? That even if you dont like it, we can do what we want, and will shove it down the throats of all those in disagreeance? Our own country is split down the middle on this issue, yet we are showboating around as if we are completely unbiased when it comes to sexuality. It’s the same with sexuality, religion, politics….I guess I don’t understand why we like to, as a whole, force people to accept a concept that they aren’t ready to grasp. If I was in a beauty pageant, I would say that I would like to find a way to save the world by having people just accept people for who they are. Agree to disagree, and make it as uncomfortable as possible. πŸ˜‰ I really appreciate your comment and insight!

  2. Interestingly, Sara and I got married in New York State at the end of April, at which time gay marriage was legal in only 9 states. In the 9 months since then 9 more states have gotten on the marriage equality band wagon–the most recent being Utah, of all states–where now gay marriage is on hold again. Win some, lose some, I guess. LOVE the ending of this post, especially, the comment about the globe!!!!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Thanks! Many states keep going back and forth. The truth of the matter is even if it becomes legal, there are still people very much against it, and there is still crime surrounding it. While our country is trying to get there, we still have alot of work to do before we can start pointing fingers at other countries!! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m not sure I’m qualified to,comment much on this post as I get most of my current event news from People magazine also. And I don’t own a globe.

    But I like your point about how the US is hardly united on gay rights, yet are wagging figures at Russia. We just look like a bunch of hypocritical dummies.

  4. All this is way over my head. But I know two things. One, People magazine is not a good source for objective, balanced news – Fox News channel is. Two, Sydney will soon be having its annual gay and lesbian Mardi gras, and you get arrested if you DON’T turn up with pierced nipples, tight underwear and leather vests! πŸ™‚

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