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FAMILY MYTH BUSTERS: Can you REALLY open a wine bottle with a SHOE?

If you could find a way to open a wine bottle, without having an opener, and without having to push the cork in….wouldnt you want to find out how? How many times have you been stuck on a campground or a cheap hotel room with a bottle and NO opener? How many times have you splurged, and bought yet another cheap wine opener, just to open that pesky bottle that you HAVE to have? Afterall…wherever you are, is usually a vacation away from home.

For me, this has happened a multitude of times, and its infuriating. I grow tired of shamefully knocking on the hotel neighbors door, despite the fact that the have a blood stained do not disturb sign hanging, just to ask if they happen to have packed a wine opener in their duffel bag…..which surprisingly, they never do.

Anyway, with this being said, you can imagine that when this video, showing how to open a wine bottle with just the shoe on ones foot, flashed across my facebook news feed, I was immediately drawn in. I needed to add this to my list of talents. As you will see (if you watch it), it seems simple….he doesnt do anything taxing to his body, and he doesnt even get winded. Please trust me when I say its worth watching!! ….just in case I didnt put it on here correctly!! 🙂

After watching it, I wanted to try it out immediately….but not with my own wine bottles!! So, naturally, while I was visiting with my family this weekend, I talked them into using their wine bottles. My step father, who I will call CHUCK…..who doesnt like to be mentioned in my blogs or anything televised, tried it out first. He tried a dress shoe, a tennis shoe, and a flip flop, with little results. We were frustrated, and feeling a little let down….humiliated even!! How could we fall for these shenanigans? It was simply too good to be true.

After drinking a couple more glasses of wine, my family and I decided to do a full “family style” myth buster video, to show the world that this method is a facade….It isnt real!!

As you will see, we tried a variety of shoes to be fair. We took every effort to maintain safety throughout the production, and we worked together as a team, so that NO one person would be left with all of the work. Now, Im not here to put words in your mouth or try to coerce you into believing something that isnt real….So, you will have to make the decision on your own…HOWEVER, if you take the time to watch this video footage, showing you the REAL, true live story, you will be thanking us until the day you die!!

Youre welcome in advance. 🙂

Lasty, if you try this at home, my family and I ask you to please use safety precautions, as this testing could easily lead to skin lacerations, bruising, head injuries, abdominal pain, and extra wrinkles/laugh lines.


16 thoughts on “FAMILY MYTH BUSTERS: Can you REALLY open a wine bottle with a SHOE?

      • Oh great…I was hoping to save a few souls, and Im glad you listened!! LOL! Seriously, I am starting to consider only buying bottles with screw tops….What could be the harm…REALLY! 🙂 Im glad you enjoyed it!!

    • I think the fact that the guy in the first video made it look so easy, made our video even funnier! I may be biased, but how could the cork not budge after all of my brothers persistent pounding on the cement wall? LOL! Before you think this…..Other people have mentioned that they think we didnt remove the outside casing…..but we did!! Not down the side, but definately off the top. After all, and as you can see…We are professionals!! Thanks for watching the videos…We had so much fun doing it!!

  1. I have to say, that I have done this in the past (before the original video came out), so I know it can be done. I think one of the keys is to do it against a very solid surface: a tree, a rock, a stone wall. But I promise I have done it!

    • Well, we were doing it up against a solid cement wall, so it was strong, however, we may have been overdoing it, and/or we had a really cheap bottle of wine with a rubber cork. All I know is something went wrong. I do believe it has to be true, because Ive seen multiple videos seeing it done. I think Im going to have to continue the experiment on my own, until I finally understand the trick! Thank you for your encouragement, my wine drinking friend….I know this was as close to your heart as it was mine. 🙂

  2. TartanJogger says:

    I applaud your detailed scientific research work…… you guys are too funny! My brother sent me the original clip a few weeks ago- I’ll have to send him this in reply! 🙂

    • HAHA! I appreciate your applause since we often dont get the praise we deserve! Some people say the notoriety goes to our heads, but I dont believe it! We are simply kind souls trying to help the world as we can!! 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    This is too funny. I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to try this out at home. With my luck I’d break the bottle lol.
    We met at Oliver Winery when you came to find some wines for your party. Im so glad Im following your blog 🙂

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