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An Apology Letter to the Advanced Drivers….

To the people traveling on the roadways,

Im sorry that I drive too slow when six or more inches of snow has freshly fallen on the highway. I am aware that I “probably” drive a 4 wheel drive, but I just choose to drive with my hands STERNLY placed at 10 and two, and I dont like to top out any higher than 40MPH.

I feel guilty that you were angry enough at me this morning, that you felt it was necessary for you to honk repeatedly at me. While I know you were just trying to teach me a lesson about driving slow, all you are doing is causing me more anxiety, leading to me swerving all over the road. AND…Since I brought this up,…. When I start to swerve due to your friendly, helpful honking, I wish you wouldn't get madder and give me the finger, because my reactions are not predictable…. much like your honking.

I feel sick over the fact that I did not get up early enough this morning, to scrape the snow off of my car properly. When that first 3 inch block of ice flew off the top of my vehicle and onto your windshield, as you were trying to pass me at an unreasonably safe speed, I was almost nauseous…. I could understand if you were mildly upset, but Im not sure that flying around my car, only to quickly get back in my lane…. causing me to potentially have to slam on my breaks… which could only lead to me fishtailing across three lanes of traffic….was the right answer. However, I hope you felt that you got your point across. From now on, I will DEFINATELY try to wake up 5 minutes earlier everytime there is a snow storm.

I apologize again for not being able to see which lane is my own. I guess I figure that if there are three lanes of traffic, and 2 sides to pull off to, that it should be possible for all six of our cars to travel comfortably, by just following the tire tread lines on the highway. After today, I can see that I was mistaken…..You needed more room. However, when you make a statement like you did, again with the honking and then spinning out, you spray alot of snow and debris on my window, which causes me to panic in a way that is hard for me to describe….but I'll try.

….My heart rate elevates, and I tighten my grip on the stearing wheel. I begin to sweat in the oversized coat I decided to wear, just in case my car happened to get driven off the road, while driving in these very low temps and blizzard like conditions. I know I need to reach one finger towards my windshield wiper, because I cant see out the window, but I equally feel compelled to reach for my heater knob, before my body overheats and causes me to faint. So, I try to do both! This essentially causes me to loose control of my stearing column, leading me to stray from my lane even further…..

I have had to live with myself for a long time, and I know I can be overwhelmingly irritating, in more ways than just my roadside manner, but I promise that it is nothing against you people…..I just want to survive my journey to work. I thank you for accepting my apology ahead of time, and for being patient with me, as I slowly feel comfortable with increasing my speed.





15 thoughts on “An Apology Letter to the Advanced Drivers….

  1. Are they “advanced” drivers or just plain irrational drivers? They would NOT enjoy being on the road with were probably speeding at 40. I’m more a 20 mph granny driver myself, but hey! I AM a granny! šŸ™‚

  2. Dear madam
    Please allow me to explain.
    I was honking at you because I wanted you to stop and give me an autograph. It’s not every day a man comes across the path of the famous blogger by the name of Tia.
    I overtook you abruptly because I wanted to protect you from the gale of white storm that was coming towards the front of your windscreen.
    As for the pile of snow I dumped on you, I apologise – I was just being an idiot, once again to get your attention.
    I hope this explains my behaviour today. Next time, I will make sure I take the hint when I see you hyperventilating in the car with a gortex jumper on.

    • HAHA! This is exactly what I hoped would happen….The person responsible would come forward, their heart would be soft after reading my own apology letter, then the whole world would begin to drive again in peace. Thank you for apologizing in peace….. That must have been a hard thing to do. To tell you the truth, I almost forgot I was famous! šŸ™‚

    • It may have been your dad, but he wasnt the only one who drove around me in such a fashion. Sometimes I wish I wasnt such a dorky driver, but when I arrive to my destination in one piece, drenched in sweat, but with a smile on my face….I feel good about it again. Maybe your dad and I should take driving lessons together as a team, to better understand each other.:)

      • Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him when he’s on the road. And like you, I prefer getting from A to B in one piece… No matter how long it takes!

  3. yeah, my life is too important to risk it like those other drivers. They can honk all they want, but I am not going to endanger myself! Slow and steady wins the race!
    I can’t tell you how many times someone has blown past me and a few miles up the road they have crashed. Not worth it.

  4. Tia screw them. You see when I drive I drive in the lane I like to drive in. I don’t care if it is snowing or not. I have no requirement for people to be happy so it does not bother me. I am usually already prepared with my middle finger and goofy smile ready and I can pull it out if a holster.

    Take satisfaction that you tried to reach people how to not drive like a##holes. Screw them and all the people who looks like them.

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